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Friday, March 30, 2012

Spammers Gots No Shame

Ugh. I'm unsure if writing that grammatically incorrect headline was more painful or see a letter of comment awaiting my approval within this blog.

Okay... for once,'s spam filter actually caught a legitimate spam. is the free blog-hosting site this blog is created upon. I actually have no complaints about it.

But, as for the topic... I certainly hope the spam I received actually is legitimate spam (oxymoron). I'll show you what it is a few paragraphs later...

So... since spammers like attention, allow me to give you some. People should do their best to avoid buying whatever product this spammer is selling - something called the JunoWallet.

If the company wants to make thing better - show me  - contact me - explain why your company is involved with spam. Yes... I suppose you could be hacked... but considering what your product is....

Until then... Ugh.

I will soon post this on my other blog: You Know What I Hate - where you can read about things that piss me off. I'm sure the CIBC would appreciate the new entry... especially since I may have to hit them again with further banking charges. Ironic isn't it?

Anyhow... back to the spam.

The comment was posted towards an older blog entry of mine, in which I wrote about the 19th anniversary of the Hattori shooting - that's the one about a short Japanese exchange student shot by a large U.S. man who thought the kid who was dressed up in Halloween gear was going to hurt him. You can read about that story HERE.

Anyhow... someone added some spam via the Letters section. To be honest - since it is spam, it never actually got posted, but the fact that someone tried... that makes me want to puke.

Here's the comment sent to me on March 28, 2012:

What a tragedy. But you know what can make this better? Free gift cards. You can do this with JunoWallet. JunoWallet is a free app for the App Store or Android Market. You earn money (gift certificates) in JunoWallet by downloading (and opening) other developer's applications or by getting referrals from your coworkers, family, or friends with an iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, or Android device. It's nice to check my JunoWallet balance increase every day with little work on my end. I won't lie, you WILL NOT get rich by using JunoWallet, but you can use it to make a little bit of tax free money on the side. Use JunoWallet invite code: AG696287 for a one time, $.25 sign up bonus. All codes provide the exact same bonus. Sign up now and earn those gift cards!

The real tragedy here is this spam. 

The creator of the above comment is: MWeiss... who has been a part of the blogging hemisphere since March 2012.

Weisssssssss.  Of course, this may not be anyone's real name. It may be a computer program generating inane comments and ads if it spots a key phrase... whatever it is, it's spam.  

Anyhow... JunoWallet... which is a real's the list of people involved in that company - as pulled from their website...  I shall not provide you with the website address here, but you can Google it, if you must.

From the home page:

Every company at its inception has certain people who made financial, time, and other sacrifices in getting that company off the ground and past failure. These sacrifices are greatest in the beginning of every company and key to the company's survival and success. The following individuals have put their fingerprint on the future growth and success of JunoWallet:

The Founders

  • Dr. Raghu Sastry
  • Dr. Jae Hoon Kim
  • Christopher Sweis

The Core 100 Team

  • Shannon Corrigan
  • Akira Doi
  • Laura Wappner
  • Duke Begy
  • Claude Jewell
  • Maureen Cutler (Ireland)
  • Todor Krecu
  • Mike J. Cacicio
  • Randy Sweis
  • Mike Nanay
  • Michelle Hillaert
  • Rohit Sherma

The Security Team

  • Skeeter Boy
  • Buddy

I'm not saying you guys are directly involved with sending spam... but if you are and even if you aren't, you need to get involved to stop it. Do you want to be known as a SPAM company - especially knowing what company your APP is for?

Really, people? Getting a JunoWallet will help you feel better about a miscarriage of justice? About a loss of life? About a family forever grieving?

That's the problem with computer spam. It just gets sent out without thought or consequence.

JunoWallet - Tsk, tsk.

By Andrew Joseph
As for the image at the top? Hormel's Spam? I actually really like to eat Spam! I do. Hormel is a great company... and I apologize for linking their product with the bad type of spam... but it had a Monty Python motif, and I love Monty Python as much as I love Spam. I just hate spam and spammers.  

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