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Monday, March 12, 2012

You Can't Always Get What You Want

I'm a junior high school assistant English teacher on the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme living in Ohtrawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan. I've been here for 17 months and I love it here. My only issue come from my relationship(s) with women.

Ashley and I lie in each others arms for an hour after we wake-up.

Tightly. Like we never want to let go.

Ashley had her hand on my chest and said it was was the most comfortable she's ever felt. Of course, she's only 23, but despite her young age, I had to agree I felt the same way - and I was an old man of 27.

I stroked her hair and and kissed her forehead. After what seemed like hours, I asked her if she wanted a back rub - a house specialty, despite me having spent the night at her place for only the fifth time since we both arrived her from different dimensions. She from Augusta, Georgia, me from the Twilight Zone. Okay, it's Canada, and it's pretty straight-laced, but I sometimes feel like I'm not. But I am. Sigh. I bet everyone else thinks that about me.

Anyhow, after giving her a real deep massage, I told her I had to stop. Why? Because if I continue, I'm going to kiss her entire body. I hear that a lot of women seem to like that, but with Ashley - who knows.

She's my ex-girlfriend who wanted to be my friend-with benefits instead, but them complained that I only seemed to want sex.

Andrew of 2012 would say he mistakenly equated love with sex, but is now smart enough to know they are not exclusive. Actually, none of that is true. I arrive here a virgin, and when I'm not with Ashley I'm boinking something in a skirt. Why? Probably because I have self-esteem issues. As well.. being virginal until I was nearly 26 - well, once the floodgates were opened, I wanted to ensure they were never closed.

So I asked Ashley if she wanted me to stop the massage or I would kiss her all over. In my book, no means no... but she did not offer up any answer. No answer means yes.So I kissed and licked her entire body. I have no idea why I had so much saliva that day, but I did. I was everywhere.

She said my mouth was very soft (probably the only thing about me that was - but you already knew that, eh?).

Let's just say, that with no holds barred (did I spell that correctly?), I still had no insertion order, so I was left to the deft hands of the woman who doesn't want to be my boyfriend or friend-with-benefit or even a lover. I mean... you really have to hand it to Ashley... and I did, as I finished and had a shower (maybe not quite in that order).

Perhaps it was pent up frustration, or she just had a good grip, but I was more than emotionally drained.

We cleaned up, and because there is no shower in her place, she spent 30 minutes filling up her tiny Japanese tub that you sit in with your knees scrunched up to your chest, and then had a bath. I am unsure how sitting in your own filth is supposed to make you clean, but whatever.

But do you know what I did while she had her bath? I read to her.

Ahhh young lust. I read her a chapter of Alice In Wonderland, my favorite book. It's all true, and is particularly difficult for 2012 Andrew to admit to that, for some reason.

We played Scrabble afterwards while she did some laundry and cooked her soup for tomorrow's party in Yaita to be attended by the northern AETs in Tochigi-ken. I hadn't planned on going, but Matthew talked me into it a week ago. While Usha is the host, Karen also lives in Yaita... and I don't need to have her acting funny around myself because of my relationship with Ashley.

I like Karen, but I don't want a relationship. I just want sex. Is that so wrong?

After, we rode our bikes to her school  - Ohtawara Boys High School - where she teaches for her bonenkai (office party). Mine was last night, and I skipped out feeling cheap and a bit down on life here in Japan. Again, not because of Japan or the Japanese.

I went home - no kiss in case someone there saw us, as I am a pretty recognizable person in my home town of Ohtawara. I don't know why, just that I am. It's better than being anonymous in Toronto, I suppose.

Back in my 3-bedroom apartment, I watched some TV and just relaxed until Matthew came over. I gave him his Christmas present and then just before we went out, he called Takako up and invited her to join us.

The three of us went to the 4C bar and did some heavy drinking.

Matthew and Takako were a lot more open in public after I let her know I knew they were a couple. At least someone knows. Here in Ohtawara, pretty much everyone knows if I am dating someone or screwing someone. Matthew? I have no idea how he kept anything secret, but since I knew nothing about him and his social life until a week ago... well... I was impressed.

Still... I bet he knew nothing about my stalker turned lover, Junko.

I went home and slept hard. I bet they did too.

Somewhere by myself,
Andrew Joseph
PS:  If I had known then on December 14, 1991 what I know now in March 12, 2012, I would see a pattern... that I seem to possess some sort of magnetic personality that draws people to me. The only difference is that in 1991, I crave it. I think I do in 2012... but I'm a lot more choosy about whom I crave it from.
Today's blog title is, of course, by The Rolling Stones. This video is from Saitama, Japan in 2006:

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