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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Battle For Leyte Gulf - Part 3 Comic Book

Here is Part 3 of 3 of the 1967 comic book Combat #24 published by Dell Publishing Co. dated April 1967.

I purchased a few days ago for $1. IN the Very Fine (VF condition it is in, it is worth around $20. I also purchased Tarzan #67 (1955) and #108 (1958) and something called Mighty Comics #43 (1967) - each in VF condition and also for $1 apiece. They are each worth, $49, $43 and $26, respectively. That's $138!

Not a bad haul, eh?

Anyhow, this comic book represents the pivotal battle for the Pacific between the Japanese and Allies during WW 2. It's the Battle for Leyte Gulf and stars General Douglas MacArthur.

Click on each page to make it larger.


And there you have it. I hope you learned a little history. And for Mike Rogers, I hope it was fun to read one of your childhood comics!

More good stuff to follow in a few hours!

Andrew Joseph

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