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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bloggers Give A Crap

I just love the way Mike Rogers writes. He's the author of Marketing Japan, one of the few bloggers I know who writes on a daily basis (often more than a daily basis) and possess a take a no prisoners attitude.

Mike is an American of Japanese descent living in Japan. At least I think that's what he is. It's unimportant to know this when reading his words, of course. He just knows his sh#t.

Take for example his suggestion to the populace of Japan on how to get rich. It's simple. Do a job no one else wants to do.

You can read about the Vacuum Car job description in all its gory (I spelled that correctly), HERE.

Oh, and as for the photo above? That's Sophia Loren keeping an eye on the pop-ular chest of Jayne Mansfield. I know, Sophia... they are real and they are spectacular. Mike uses the photo in his blog, and it seems to make sense to me - but then again, I am a hound dog.   

Andrew Joseph 

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