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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cleavage Bar Opens In Tokyo

If you are a single or horny man, you have to love Tokyo, Japan.

Always at the forefront of the sexual exploitation industry - in this case, finding new ways to exploit men from their yen for their yen of sexy women - Tokyo has opened up its fist cleavage cafe where beautiful women walk around in miniskirts and low-cut tops and serve customers in a bar.

What's the kick? They will offer you a shoe shine so you can stare down their tops. No sex, but it there is sexy.

File this under "My C-Cup Runneth Over" and check out the full uplifting story from The Tokyo Reporter HERE.

This could be a good thing, as I find that my shoes get very, very dirty - I could use a spit-shine.

Andrew Joseph


  1. "If you are a single or horny man.." But, sir, you repeat yourself...

  2. I am revealed! Though, my good man, somethings 'bare' repeating!

  3. Boobs are glorious goblets of flesh that make the world a better place. Thank God for his wonderful invention.