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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How To Build a LEGO Japanese Stone Lantern

This past Saturday went I visited my local comic book shop 1,000,000 Comix in downtown Toronto with my friend Rob and my son, Hudson, I spied a magazine on the racks I had never seen before.

Something called Brick Journal, The Magazine for LEGO Enthusiasts of All Ages! Not quite adult entertainment for men, but what the hell!

My son saw me glance at it and immediately recognized it to be a magazine on LEGO. He asked to see it, so I handed it to him. Always a mistake. Once he has something in his hands, he has a habit of asking for it, and I have a habit of buying it for him. A guilty pleasure, to be sure.

Anyhow, when we got home and Hudson had long forgotten about it and was more intent in playing with the cheaply made, but highly entertaining Green Lantern ring that lights up that he got with his Happy Meal from McDonald's, I grabbed a look at the magazine.

That's when I noticed that the entire issue was devoted to: Bricks of the Rising Sun.

Seriously. What are the odds of me combining three hobbies in one fell swoop. Going to a comic book store and picking up a LEGO magazine devoted to Japan? Not to mention family and friend being involved. Bloody kismet, it is.

Anyhow, this particular magazine was the March 2012 issue, or Issue #18. The only way that could have been trult fated would have been if it was issue #47 - a strange number I see everywhere and use quite often in my writing (actually... in every piece of fiction I write - there it is. To show you how weird it is, I watched recent episodes of Touch and Alcatraz, and the #47 made important appearances. Like numbers on a guy's shirt or the number of killings et al. But that has nothing to do with this.

I found a plethora of cool articles with bear sharing with you, but the one I saw that said "Pick me", well... it's a how to build instruction manual of a Japanese Stone Lantern called an Ishidoro. I have always loved these lanterns, but I also chose it today because the only comic book I bought that day was a Green Lantern comic - plus Hudson got a Green Lantern toy with his meal.

The ishidoro first appeared around the 6th Century AD, and the flames within them were meant to represent the Buddha.

It's that whole kismet thing.

Presented for your approval is a way you, too can achieve a bit of fun, kismet, whatever... and you can do it building with LEGO.

What's the matter? Don't believe in kismet? Hey! Don't let your karma run over my dogma.

If you click on the image, it will increase in size for you to read it and follow the non-verbal directions quite easily. Remember... this is LEGO. If you don;t have a part of a color - find an alternative piece! Just have fun.  

Thanks for reading and playing along.
Andrew Joseph
PS: Maybe I'll show you how I build MY stone lanterns for my LEGO dioramas.

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