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Friday, April 13, 2012

How To Write " Burn in Hell " In Japanese

Just so you know that I read all requests - such as "How do you say: 'dinosaur' in Japanese", or "How can I be a great writer like you?" or even "Why don't you go to Hell, you bastard!"

Except for the first one, the others are made up... but the program I use to create the look of these blogs  has software that tells me the top 10 things people are looking for when they stumble across my blog.

And that's what people do - they stumble across my blog. I do have a loyal cadre of regular readers, though not a lot of true blog Followers, as dictated by the "followers" icon down to the right of this blog page. But generally speaking, most of the daily readers I get are looking for something in particular via their Internet search engine when they fall upon Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife, and more often than not, they read a few articles - which is very cool.

Anyhow... someone wanted to know how to write out in Japanese: "burn in hell!" There was no exclamation mark in the request, but I assume one would be required for such a bold and aggressive statement.

I will present that information here, though not offer the pronunciation of it. Just one word of advice from someone who has uttered the phrase far too many times in his life: Make sure this is what you want to put in writing. Once you do, it's very difficult to take back.

Burn in Hell!

Okay? Okay.

No request is too small or too odd. Though if it is going to be a small request, it helps if it is odd enough to capture my attention. I also accept money in various denominations and currencies.

Andrew Joseph

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