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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Miss Universe and the Japan Conspiracy

I want to post a link here to a Marketing Japan blog written by good friend Mike Rogers.

In it, he wonder aloud about the curious choice of the current Miss Universe Japan 2012. While fully admitting that she is indeed a gorgeous creature, Mike wonders if the fact that she also happened to hail from Miyagi-ken - one of the most hard-hit regions by the tsunami on March 11, 2011 - played a role in her being selected.

Without giving too much away here, Mike provides some interesting follow up evidence suggesting that when push comes to shove, everybody loves the underdog and perhaps a nudge (or even a subconscious nudge) is often enough to propel said underdog to victory.

As for Miss Universe... Mike acknowledges this blog for liking her smile and suggesting it would be a swaying factor as a winner... truth is... in all of the pre-contest photos I saw of her... she had her long hair in a high pony-tail... one of the sexiest looks that makes me all hot and bothered. I also like the jawline bob as far as haircuts go on women. Combine the hair style with that smile... well... I know what I like.

Mike of course suggest combining that with a great prefectural sob story...   

It is thought provoking, and I suggest you give it a read:


I know all of the examples Mike cites... and being objective, he may have a point.

If you look at the top photo and click on it to make it larger, you'll notice that the 1.70 meter tall Hara Ayako (surname first), 24-year-old model from Miyagi-ken didn't do so well in the pre-show voting done by fans.

She received a 3.79 out of 5. According to the pre-show fan voting, that made her the 10th highest score out of a total of 24 contestants. 

I saw that when I first picked her a month or two ago, but I did not let the other voters dissuade me. Still... it does seem poignant. If the fans didn't think she was all that hot initially, how did she win?  

Meanwhile... check out the video below - a compilation of the Miss Universe Japan 2012 event. If you go to just before the 4:00 minute mark, you will see the winner (my choice), Miss Miyagi-ken in a swimsuit.

Aside from her beauty, Ayako carried herself a tad more professionally than her fellow contestants... while she did strut in an exaggerated fashion... it still was more in control than the others who looked like they might throw their back out with every flick of the hips and knee lock they made.  

Now... picking the winner from Miyagi-ken may have been good public relations, but dammit!!! She's hot! That's her in the freeze frame pic, too. Effing You Tube seems to like her, as well. 

Andrew Joseph

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  1. Well, like I always say, "I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating sembei!"