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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Japan's Favorite AV Star - Erika Sato

Wow... that is one gorgeous woman.

Say konichiwa (hello) to Sato Erika (surname first), one of Japan's most beloved (if that word can be used here) adult video (AV) stars and adult model, ever.

There is not a lot of information out there on her, though she does posses a large body of work - none of which I will show you here, as this is not a porno site!

However, I present this to you because pornography is a part of Japanese culture - much like it is in all first-world nations - and then some - around the world.

The sex industry is large in Japan, just like it is in the U.S., Germany, Italy, Denmark - hell, pick a country! But, even me, well, I had never heard about this young woman until I got curious about what might be one of Japan's best known AV actresses - and yes, I hate to burst your bubble, but the women involved in the professional AV industry, well... they are acting.

Erika Sato (佐藤江梨花 - Sato Erika) is indeed a Japanese adult video pornstar, as well as an adult model.

She was born on June 8, 1986 in Chiba, Japan - yes, she is 25 years-old as of the time of this one-handed writing.

She is 1.70 meters tall (5'-7"), has brown eyes and brown hair, and her blood type is A.

Her measurements are a very sexy 89-57-85 (in centimeters), or a 35-22-33 (in inches). If you don't know what those numbers mean, you are too young to be reading this and should stop reading now. Or... if you are an adult and lack knowledge of the definition of those numbers... you know... I was going to say something snarky... instead, it means: bust-waist-hips.

Sato Erika is just your average Japanese girl-next-door. Not.

Erika apparently has a metric cup-size of F, and is very leggy with her gams reaching all the way down below her knees at a tasty 84 centimeters (33.07 inches) in length. Wow... how does she walk with legs so long that they touch the ground? Okay... I jest.

She is gorgeous, though.

Although she first started her career as an adult model, Erika got into the AV industry in December of 2005 (She was 19-years-old, in case you are trying to count backwards), and worked for five years until 2009, though she still models for cash.   

After she made her first AV movie entitled "Body To Body" (Dec. 2005), she moved to AV producers Peach-Boy Production where her movies got better distribution and promotion (though the scripts still sucked. I have never seen one of her movies, so that was just a guess) (I'm right, though!). This is when she became known as one of the top-selling AV girls in Japan. Also, her fame grew as she did tend to have a no holes barred attitude.
In fact, one of Erika's best selling movies was the bukkake-style AV entitled "The Ultimate Free Style Ejaculation" where she was a gooey recipient from a plethora of male AV actors some 77 times during the scene. It's not a record, but her work there cause AV sales to shoot up and over the competition.

And, by the way... who the hell comes up with these stupid AV titles?! I am a professional writer and horn dog (amateur)! Call me! I can help with the English next time!

I know, I know - you are wondering where are all of the pornographic photos and video are. Are you kidding me? On a casual search of the Internet lasting some six hours - I am nothing if not diligent - I was only able to find these three photos. Photos that are non-pornographic in nature, of course. Folks, the Internet is one dirty place. Did you know you can get pornography for free on it? Who knew?

Anyhow... Erika, as mentioned, is retired from the sperm bank business, and is hopefully safe and healthy and happy and rich.

Oh - and should you be wonderiung just why the heck I would bother telling you how long her legs are - well, Erika has stated officially, that her hobby is marathon running.

Legs... running...

Hmm... maybe she and I should get together. I once ran in the Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, 10-kilometer marathon - though I had to pull out... ba-dum-bum!

Oh waitaminute! You don't think she meant...

Maybe... did no other website or blogger catch this?

Could she have meant... marathon sex?

Erika... call me... that I can still do.

By Andrew Joseph


  1. Girls who work in Japanese AV don't get rich

    1. I did say I HOPED she was rich (and happy and healthy). I think it is pretty damn rare for someone to be rich from the AV profession as an actor/actress... but it may indeed happen.
      I knew plenty of women who were exotic dancers who made money and saved money. Never going to be millionaires, but did make enough to pay for their post-secondary schooling, enough for a house, and in one case, enough to fly back and forth between Halifax and Toronto to dance and pay for her Masters 9at the time) in math. I also dated one girl who was an escort who paid for a condo, a couple of cars and had enough to not actually work again for 20 years, though she did. AV? You can make money (it's all relative) and you can save it. Do any? No idea. i am unsure if you are speaking from experience or not, but some actors/actresses may sock away some money.
      Thanks for writing in.

  2. That third picture is Sato Eriko, who is not an AV star.

    1. Thanks - I wasn't sure even when I saw it. Thanks for the help! Always good to have the help of an expert!
      I've removed it on your say-so! Cheers!