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Monday, April 23, 2012

Just Friends? How To Take The Next Step!

God help me, but I came across this blog down below and laughed to myself.

How to take the next step from being friends to lovers? In truth, I have been the friend to so many women that I have wanted to screw - but not once has that ever panned out.

Now... that was with Canadian women - not Japanese women... so perhaps there is a difference and perhaps the blog I have a link to will help you.

Personally, I doubt it, but unfortunately (!!!!) I am not in a position to try this advice out and give you my honest opinion. 
Just ask me out for Kami's sake!
When I was back in Japan, I did things the old fashioned way... I let my female Japanese friends remain my female Japanese friends; found female Japanese to screw; found female Japanese I wanted to date (and screw). I did not blur the lines. When it became obvious that woman I wanted to sleep with was only going to be a friend, I moved on, because as stupid as this sounds, there were plenty of women in Japan who would sleep with me.

That's not ego to me. That's self-confidence. That's what you need to exude without being a prick. I probably went to that extreme every once in a while in Japan, but there's nothing like the cold slap of reality in your face to make you wake up and smell the o-cha.

If you are reading my blogs (with the rock song titles) about my diary and life in Japan, you realize that I did sleep with a lot of women (and I'm only up to the 16 month mark!), and that I was kind of messed up about it because I wanted to date (and screw) women, not just screw them. I would want that even now, 20 years later. Form and substance.

Trust me... women can always find a guy to screw (pick me!), but to find a guy they want to date... that takes some work, and where I was (am in my blog) at 16 months into my stay in Japan, I wasn't putting in the real work. Yet.

Stop being A doorknob - be THIS doorknob!
Please check out this blog posted on  It's called Pushing Your Guy Past "Just Good Friends"

Hopefully it shows you some insight on what you need to do. Otherwise... try my blog on How To Date Japanese Women... something I picked up a couple of weeks after where I currently am in my blog. (It's a very popular piece of writing - for me - with well over 2,000 hits and counting every day). I wish I had read it 22 years ago.  

Andrew Joseph

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