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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lost Together

It's Wednesday, December 15, 1991. I'm an junior high school assistant English teacher (AET) on the Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Programme. I live and work in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan - and I love my city and prefecture!

I'm in Gunma-ken in some city - I still have no idea where I am - and this is the second day of an AET conference to teach us better teaching techniques.

My room was lost. By that I mean they seemed to have lost the reservation my Ohtawara Board of Education (OBOE) office made for me. My office is nothing, if not efficient. They do not make mistakes. They have looked after me from Day One with a fervor that is inspiring. I have never lacked for anything while I have been here in Japan. So... I can only assume that the folks organizing this event are not competent.

Realizing I had no room, they put me in with a group of guys from Ibaraki-ken... but I spent the last night drunk in the room of Jeff Seamen (also from Tochigi-ken) and Susan Dixon. It was her room, but Jeff also had his reservation lost. See? Incompetence.

Anyhow... this morning Susan went and complained about having to share a room with Jeff. I guess she doesn't like Seamen. Anyhow... he then was displaced and the hotel was going to find another room for Jeff.

Jeff and I have had enough.

We decide to go home to Tochigi-ken - screw the JET meeting. If they can't look after us properly, who needs it?

Because Jeff refuses to eat Japanese food, we find a 7-11 so he can get a sandwich to eat, while I have a rice ball or two.

As Jeff pokes around in the 7-11, I step outside and eat.

And that's when I smell it. Apple blossoms.

I look around for Junko - she of the sweet-smelling hair - knowing it can't be her... but there she is. Looking awesome fully dressed from 20 feet away

I'm not sure what I smell like (desperation and sake, perhaps), but she looks up from the map she is holding and sees me and smiles.

I watch her eyes as she moves them to the side... she's with a guy... her boyfriend, I suppose. She wags her head from side to side to let me know I should not approach and then sticks her tongue out at me when she is sure only I am watching.

I can not be the only one watching.

She's gorgeous... the sexiest woman in Gunma-ken, Tochigi-ken and Tokyo... perhaps all of Japan. It's obvious to the way my head is exploding, that I am in love with her. But she... she is in love with the moment.

She once stalked me for weeks.... coming to my apartment when she knew I was alone... I would answer the door, she would immediately peel off her clothes and we would screw our brains out several times that night - stopping only to grab something to drink - and her dressing only when it was obviously time for me to go back to school to teach. I didn't sleep for weeks.
I loved the sex. She was good at it, as was I, I assume, which is why she kept coming back. Oh... if I could only tell you what I did to her and how I did it... but that's not the type of blog I am doing here. Let;s just say that sex with Junko was taken to a new level with every night's visit. We did things to each other that I had only read about in a Penthouse letter column - and then took that up several notches.

So what was the problem? Well... she was dropping out of university so she could follow me around during the day - sitting in her car outside my school - watching me - perhaps to see that I wasn't screwing someone else. I was - Ashley, my ex-girlfriend and ex-friend-with-benefits... but she didn't mind that... it's like she knew that she (Junko) had some sort of power over me... and that whatever I had with Ashley meant nothing in the long-run.

If it wasn't for Junko self-destructing her life for me, I would have been her boyfriend, husband, gimp, whatever... but she was killing me with sex... so I asked for help from the OBOE to have them stop her from stalking me. I just needed to sleep.

After several weeks of her getting some help, I ran in to her again... and we screwed our brains out during a conference at Utsunomiya University - in an empty classroom. We picked up where we left off... only this time, she said she now had a boyfriend...

She also wasn't stalking me - she said - and I found no evidence of that... but when I told her I loved her and wanted us to be a couple, she said no. And the spent the night and blew my mind, among many other things.

I probably should never have untied her from the knots I cast around her, but I did.... and we each went our separate ways, knowing she would track me down whenever she was horny. I did know how to satisfy her completely, after all.

Ahhh.. but I am getting lost in the memories... You know I do that... sometimes it's all one has...

I want Junko. She only wants a part of me.... and it's not my heart.  

I look at her and smile and wave her over... but she comes back with a quick shake of her head... and turns her back on me so I can either not distract her further from her man... or to drive me crazy as I stare at her rear end. It's quite spectacular.

That's when Jeff comes out. With nary a backwards glance (okay... I keep turning around to see if she's looking - but she's not), Jeff and I march over to the train station where we catch a train and go to Tokyo to shop for books.

I love books. I buy a few horror books by Stephen King - just to see what all the hubbub is about. I've never read a book that scared me, and I want to see why this guy is so popular that's he's had so many books turned into movies.

I leave Jeff in Tokyo and head back home to Ohtawara, arriving home at 6:30PM.

I begin reading one of the books, and it bores me. Really? It was the devil? Yawn. A whole lotta nothing going on.

The trick, I see 20 years later, is that he got paid a lot of money for that, and me, and this blog where a whole lotta nothing happened... well... I ain't making any money.

I put the book down, and rummage around for a video to watch.


It's the doorbell.

I know who it is before I answer it, as her apple blossom shampooed hair fills the void in my soul.

Junko steps inside as I hold the door open for her. As soon as I close it and lock it, she is already out of her clothes naked as the day she was born.

She takes my hand and leads me to my bedroom.

Somewhere trying to figure out a particularly difficult knot,
Andrew Joseph
The image on top are apple blossoms. My nose and tongue are not built for for smells or taste, it seems... but every once in a while, something comes along to knock me off my feet. Junko's apple blossom hair was one of those somethings. 
Today's blog title is by Blue Rodeo. They are a Canadian group... and I must admit that I never cared for them until today, as I prefer my music with a harder edge, what with me being a suburban punk and all.  I heard this song by them on the radio (Q107) as I drove into work this morning and nearly burst out crying. I just knew I had to write about my life in Japan again in the blog. It still hurts. Beautiful song, though. 



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