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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Man Forces Kids To Lure Customers To Bar

When did we time-trip back into the the early Victorian era?

In a scene reminiscent of a Dickensian novel, the sleazeball manager of a 'girl's bar' in Minami-shi, Osaka-ken, Japan was recently arrested for violating the Labor Standards Act.

It seems that Kinjiro Hara (surname first) was arrested after he forced a female sixth grade elementary student (best guess 11-years-old) to work for him at his bar where men come in are entertained by the beautiful women serving drinks et al.

Did sex occur there? Japan - It's a Wonderful Rife is not sure... but you have to wonder... if this place is sleazy enough to get an elementary school kid to work for him then what are the odds he's breaking the law in some other fashion.

Now... there is no charge of sexual exploitation. This young girl was an enticer. Someone who stands outside an establishment and entices male customers to come in. 

In fact, back in February of this year, Kenjiro-san was suspected (based on testimony from the young girl) of forcing the same kid, as well as a first-year junior high school student (grade 7 = 12 years-old) to act as enticers. Enticers is my term, by the way. There may be a more official underground term for this.

To Kenjira-san's credit he admitted his guilt, but further sullied himself by stating: "Young girls are both cheap and yield a profit."

Does Japan allow the horsewhipping of people like this? It should.

This was a TBS News story from April 28, 2012.

Files by Andrew Joseph

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