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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Visit Japan For The Sights - Like High School Girl Panties

Yeah... you read that headline correctly. Japan has 'clubs' where Japanese high school girls play peek-a-boob with men for cash.

Known as a nozoki heya (peeking room), high school girls (joshi kosei) perform a strip tease. Sort of.

In the small room where the girl is separated from the paying male customer by a two-way mirror, the girl stands a bit higher on a platform to provide a better angle of viewing for what I will assume is the older male pervert.

As recently as this past February, a peeking room in the Shibuya-district of Tokyo was busted.

The club, known as Gallery Shibuya 'advertised' that customers could come in and sketch (shasei) the groinal region of the female staff - in this case the joshi koseo, or high school girl—all for as little as ¥7,000.

As little as ¥7000 ($84.62 US/Cdn)? Sure. It's ¥5,000 ($60.43 US/Cdn)to enter the club (their initial cut) for a 60-minute stay in a room (minimum). The customer can then select the girl of their dirty little dreams to perform for them at a rate of ¥2,000 ($24.18 US/Cdn) for 10 minutes. 

If that seems like a lot, consider that in Toronto, exotic dancers (strippers/rippers) get $20 for a dance that lasts as long as the hard-rock song pounding out across the club. No one is playing Gates of Delirium by Yes at 21 minutes and 56 seconds.    In fact, no one should ever get a stripper for Blur's Song 2 (at 2 minutes).

Yes... along with being a frequent visitor to the adult men's dance club's, I dated some of the employees - dancers and waitress staff... and let me tell you... it was more difficult to get a waitress to go out with me than it was a dancer!

Back to the story...    so... you get to go into a club... pick out a girl... and then, with her behind a glass, you get to sketch her privates? 

Really? You get to draw the private parts of high school teenaged Japanese girls?

While I still don't think that would be legal, the real truck to this operation is knowing that Japanese word shasei can mean 'sketch' or 'ejaculation' depending on the writing of the kanji (Chinese-style Japanese pictograph writing).

I get it! There certainly are a few women I know that I would like to sketch! Several sketches! In color! Hmmm. It loses something in the translation to English.

As mentioned... the club was raided back in February. According to police reports, the performers were genuine high school sweetness... wearing thick white socks below their uniformed pleated school skirts...

It's why there was an hour wait to get into the club - even at the time of the raid. 

How old were the girls? Apparently one was a s young as 16, three were 17, and another three were 18.

Here's what goes on inside there - according to my sources.

They pose on hands-and knees; they press their butt up against the glass. They flip up their skirt. They'll spread their legs and show off their panties. They'll play with a banana along the outside of their privates. They will rub their privates.

But here's the kicker... there is no sex performed by the girls. In fact, these girls do not even take off their clothes.

As such... they only get a warning from the police. A slap on the ass or wrist, if you prefer. I know what I prefer.  

Money-wise, the girls get some of the ¥2,000 from the club owners for being chosen and oggled at by the customers. A portion.
 As well, the places that run the nozoki heya (peeking room) only get a light kick to the balls or slap on the wrist in the form of a small fine.They will close down and quickly re-open when they feel the coast is clear or they can recruit more teenaged high school girls to perform. 

Apparently, when police entered the club (I don't believe they had to wait in line), they found half the male customers either naked or half-naked. I believe the police book the customers...

 This blog is unsure why the other half of the customers were not in a state of undress, but to each his own.

Oh! Tissues are provided to the customer upon club entrance. We must be clean in body, if not mind. Clean up after yourself!

So... Japan feels these clubs are illegal, but appear powerless to actually stop the proliferation of them.
So, society has morals, even if the club owners and customers do not.

Along with the Shibuya Gallery, three other Tokyo clubs were penetrated by police and recently closed by their crack team of law enforcement officers.

By Andrew Joseph

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