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Friday, May 4, 2012

Calling All Food Addicts!

I have no idea what it is with Japan and food.

Yes, Japanese food is beautiful to look at, tastes pretty good, and as far as I am concerned, over-priced here in Canada.

In Japan, there are a plethora of television shows that have a food-related theme. Cartoons (Cooking Papa is one that comes to mind from the past), challenge shows (Iron Chef is the best example here) and more.

Canada and the U.S. have whole television networks devoted to food - and that's fine... but we also have other television stations and programming that does not deal with food.

I think I once counted a weeks worth of programming in Japan, and found that some 44% of it was related to food.

It's not a complaint, mind you. Give the people what they want. Apparently they want food.

But... is having a telephone cover that looks like food what the people want?

Let them eat cake! Crap! Maybe they have one that looks like a slice of cake. If not, what the hell are you waiting for?
Thanks for listening! Here's a chocolate cake phone cover!

Anyhow... this blog is about wacky-ass telephone covers that look like food.

Beware... this stuff really does look good enough to eat.
Long-distance sushi call?

What would you prefer?
A clump of rice topped with  a slice of sake (salmon);
It's pinching my ear!
A crab (kani) claw on a bed of greenery;
Food phone covers hold your attention and your pen.
A Pacific saury (sanma) done up sakana style
Uni and ikura sushi rolls on a bed of green
Shrimp (ebi) sushi on a bed of green.
Pork cutlet (kontatsu in curry sauce.

Or, perhaps you would prefer the traditional Japanese winter dish known as oden that consists of boiled eggs, radish, chikuwa (fish sausage), and konnyaku  in soup. I have no idea what konyakku is, but it was my least favorite thing to eat that somehow made it into every single stewed or soup dish in Japan.
You can be a fun guy with your fungi phone cover! Careful, it might be poisonous!

Or... would you prefer the more familiar yakisoba noodls or maybe a slab of white chocolate?

There's more:
salmon roe on rice;
shrimps in chili sauce (the company  says they are prawns - the prawn is wimpy, not mighty like the shrimp!);
and even tai-yaki, a fish-shaped Japanese pancake filled with sweet bean paste.  
You thought I was kidding, didn't you? The tai-yaki phone cover.

You have seen the photographic evidence. Look into your heart. You know it to be true. I am your chef.

All of these phone covers are available for one's cell phone - though some are phone specific.

Should you wish to purchase one, try these guys, Strapya World. I have no idea what that means, but it probably means something deep in Japalish. You may click through to their appetizing website HERE

They cost about Cdn/US $50 each (Y3,990) and really do look good enough to eat.

There's also strap ornaments and keyholders.

Tsukasa Sample has also created cases for smartphones and other electronics I don't have and certainly don't need.
Something my dog barfed up - or something I hope I never see in real life.

It's true. I don't have a cell phone. And still... I manage to survive and put out tweets on Twitter with more substance than: @gr8tass "xlent joe at T Hos"

I asked a six-year-old what that meant, and was told that Tim Horton's has excellent coffee. Yeah. No sh!t, Sherlock. Of course they do. Why are you wasting everybody's time? Shut the eff up and look where you are going. Hmm.... sounds like a great topic for one of the other two blogs I do.

Tsukasa (is this supposed to be like tsukasa is your casa?) actually changes up its menu, I mean offerings, depending on the season, as its hyper-popular fruits and ice desserts will once again be making an appearance on an ear near you just in time for the summer.
Roe, roe, roe your boat. Life is but a dream with the roe phone cover.
What's with the food? Didn't yer momma teach you not to talk with your fool-ass mouth full? She should have. Bakayaro. far as the Strapya World products are concerned, the foods are created by a professional sample food manufacturer in Japan. Each one is hand-made to perfection. Sample food manufacturers create those realistic meals in front of all decent restaurants in Japan showing what the meal would look like if they had licensed chefs working there. You, the dumb gaijin (foreigner) can simply point to an item in the window and presto! it will be served to you shortly. The real food, that is - not the fake stuff.

Now... here's something I was wondering about: if these phone accessories cost $50... and there's the cost for the actual phone case, the cost for the 'ingredients', and there has to be some profit for the manufacturer and wholesaler, just how much money is the food artist actually making on a telephone food case by telephone food case basis? Probably not much.
Look patriotic with your umeboshi on rice plastered to your ear.

Except for the one above, they do look good enough to eat, though . Uh... the phone cases - not the artisans. Maybe the artisans... I've never met them these very talented people.

By the way... even though I lack a phone... you could always get me an unagi (eel) on rice phone cover (the top most image) - just so I can always look hungry. I'd probably get attacked by my chocolate lab if I did have one of these pressed up against my ear.

Anyhow... you can call me late, but you should never call me late for dinner.

Itadakimasu (I'm about to humbly eat),
Andrew Joseph

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