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Monday, May 14, 2012

Gundam Front Tokyo - The Exhibit

A day or two ago, I presented a photo of a Gundam robot - a giant one - that was doing a promo for a new cartoon/ anime called Gundam Front Tokyo, which in English doesn't mean a whole lot of anything. Certainly not to me.

See that blog HERE.

I thought it was just a promo.  

I was so completely wrong about what it was all about.

I thought it was promoting a new cartoon. It is not. It is promoting a new year-round facility promoting the Gundam anime (cartoon) in all its freaking glory.

Really? Is Gundam so important that it deserves its own full-time exhibit?

Apparently someone is banking on it: Gundam Front Tokyo LLP

I would so do that. No... not Gundam, though I am sure a few of you fans would.
You can check out 33 years of the world of Gundam! Are you excited? I'm not, but then again, I'm not a huge fan of Japanese anime - Pokemon being one that I like a lot and am currently watching the first season with my 6-year-old son, Hudson.

Gundam... it's okay. But, obviously scores of fans believe it is way better than that - that it is totally awe-someeeee!  

The exhibit will offer a full line-up of things to see - all related to Gundam, including:

Entrance Gate:
Here at the front entrance, if you look up, you will see a Gundam floating in orbit. The gate itself is huge, but I don't know if it is awe-inspiring. It's 17-meters (55 feet) wide.

Dome G: 
A dome 16 meters (50 feet) in diameter that has six movie projectors and 13 speakers, which will show off film of the giant 1/1 Gundam (the big promo robot outside), famous scenes from past Gundam series, and impressive, highly-detailed CGI of mobile suits like the RX-93 ν Gundam - all life-seized.

RG 1/1 ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam version GFT:
If you know what any of that means, you are probably already stoked. This exhibit contains an RG 1/1-scale bust of the Strike Freedom Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam - and provides you with a free photo opp.  

1/1 Core Fighter version GFT:
This exhibit contains the 1/1 Core Fighter from Mobile Suit Gundam's moving finale, revised and refreshed for Gundam Front Tokyo featuring new decals and LED lighting. Gods. I thought I was a freaking nerd... but this Gundam stuff is making me look like a badass Char Aznable - that's him on the right.

Character Photo Spot:
Look, I get it... If I had a chance to have my photo taken with Jessie from Team Rocket - featuring a live model - I would be stoked.
Here you can have a digital photo taken with your favorite life-sized characters from Mobile Suit Gundam all the way to Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.
Hell... I have a photo of myself being run over by the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine van. I can dig it.

Gunpla Tokyo:
Again with nonsensical sounding English. Whatever. Here you can see over 1,000 Gunpla manufactured since 1980. I have no idea what I am writing about. But, since I started this with a misrepresentation of a photo, I better set the record straight. Here you can see the evolution of Gunpla.  

A Baoa Qu:
What the hell did I just write?!
At this part of the exhibit, there is a projector tower displaying the space fortress known as A Baoa Qu, which is the scene of Mobile Suit Gundam's final battle, so I assume this si a big deal. The while diorama is 4.5 meters high by 3 meters wide (15 by 10 feet)

Along with an archive counter where you can press and here see all things Gundam, there is a museum area where you can learn about how shows were made. 

Gundam Cafe in Diver City:
I'm getting lazy and will just copy and paste here:
The Diver City Plaza location will offer around ten menu items and fifteen drinks, including the Haro Latte, exclusive Gundam, Char's Zaku, and Acguy lattes (¥380 /$4.75 each), and an exclusive Char's Zaku Gunpla-yaki (¥250/ $3.12). There are also 20 varieties of gifts, from keychains and mugs that make perfect souvenirs to the Federation Ningyo-yaki - on sale in June.

Strict G Accessories Shop:
A shop to buy clothing for the serious Gundam fan, and really, if you are still reading this, you must be. But... they have some cool sunglasses, bracelets and belts. Check it out yourself:

1-10 Aomi 1-chome, in the Koto-ku district of Tokyo

Open year-round 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM weekdays, 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM weekends and holidays

In advance  : Adult/College/High School : ¥1,000   Middle/Elementary School : ¥800
At the gate : Adult/College/High School : ¥1,200   Middle/Elementary School : ¥1,000

Look... I pretty much just took this from the exhibit's website. Should you wish to check it out yourself, click HERE

Compiled by Andrew Joseph

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