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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Harley-Davidson Going Home To Owner in Japan

Washed up as debris on a British Columbia, Canada beach after floating from Japan after the March 11 tsunami that hit the northeast of Japan washed things away, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is going home.

Yokohama Ikuo (surname first), 29, and a resident of the town of Yamamoto, in Miyagi-ken, Japan survived the devastation and is looking forward tyo getting his saltwater damaged bike back.

The bike arrived on the BC shoreline having traveled in a white van container, but after landing (see FULL STORY HERE), it was washed back out to sea - but not before depositing the motorcycle on the beach.  

Harley-Davidson, in a classy act, has offered to restore Yokohama's  bike.

It's probably the best news Yokohama has had in a while, as the tsunami killed three of of his family members.

Full story from the Toronto Star newspaper: HERE

Andrew Joseph

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