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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New blog I like!

I thought I would share a new blog I like...  about Japanese cuisine.

It may not be as controversial as my buddy Mike Roger's Marketing Japan blog can be, but this one had some great photography of Japanese dishes!

The photography was so good that it had me salivating! It also provides recipes, so how can you lose?

Please check out Japanese Food Blog HERE. OR maybe it's called Japanese LinguaLift. I like the first one better. Still a good blog, though.

I'm going to add it to my list of favorite blogs, so check it out from time to time.

Andrew Joseph 


  1. Wow, I just found this site while randomly searching google for Battle Royale lol... so far you got a few things I'm interested in: a) you are in Japan (I'm going for my esl at UofW right now), b)you interned at Toronto Star (my prof worked there & I'm taking journalism) & c) you are Canadian, 3 for 3, that will probably have me creeping your posts as often as I'm free...after work & 6hrs of class...

    As random as this will seem, I'm going to ask you some things as you are/were there (in Japan) & I'm not, but plan to be.

    1) is it worth going? I plan on teaching, how are the schools like?
    2) how are the rules in terms of what teachers can and can't do? ie: dress codes, piercings & hair colour.
    3) how is the culture itself, is it welcoming of "foreigners"? does it see all white people as American (are they cool with us Canucks)?
    4) general feelings of living out there, cost of living, ect..

    What's it like & would you recommend it for others.... I know, I'm asking a lot, but I want to know how it is before I go out there to teach & find myself unhappy...

    If you can answer my questions I'd be very grateful.

    Please & Thanks

    1. Tink... I could write a blog about all your questions. And I have. E-mail me at the address in the top right and I will do it in a more concise manner than having you read all of the blogs with a rock and roll title... which, as it turns out, is about my life in Japan.