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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2: Billy The Rat And Simon The Frog Are Dead

Continuing a novella I created back in 1991-1992. Chapter 1 is HERE.

Chapter 2

It might seem a trifle stupid for you to be reading a story about two individuals who are deceased - and the Author suspects that it is. Still, please rest assured that things will liven up even though everyone is dead.

Billy the Rat and Simon the Frog are dead. 

They were snuffed out of existence by two unrelated 2-Footer elements. Billy was flattened when  moving 2-Footer shifted the 'home-squeak-home' cabinet he was living in causing a shelf to fall down upon him. 

Simon was spa-lorfed by a 2-Footer high heel to the brain. 

Neither knew each other, but both died at the exact same time and in front of the same apartment building in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan. There was a bird who died at the same moment, but it has been decreed in the future to be inconsequential to this story. Perhaps later.

Sparing no time to squeak, Billy followed the electric blue light. It appeared to lead to the second biggest rat-hole he had ever seen. 

He'd been following it for what seemed like hours, but instead was actually eternity, yet he did not stop to rest or to preen himself (his death had disheveled his looks a bit). 

The light still looked quite fare away. 


Several yards way or maybe right beside him, Simon followed the same light, except that it was a chrome yellow color. Simon galumphed effortlessly. There seemed to be a decided lack of gravity pushing against his leaps, yet for every giant frog step he took, the night seemed to grow no closer.

Simon croaked in despair. Croak. The light looked liked the cleanest pond he had ever seen.

Billy heard the croak and squeaked in shock. He stopped moving.

Simon heard the squeak and stopped hopping.

Quite suddenly they found themselves crouching beside each other at the lip of the olive light which was now immediately in front of them.

Billy turned his neck to peer at the frog.

Simon rolled an eye to glance at the rat. 

Billy scampered and Simon flomfed into the velvety violet light together.

Once through the light, though they had not granacked a word to each other, they instantly knew everything about the other. They blinked at each other in acknowledgement.

An oyster white mist was everywhere, yet it wasn't. The floor was cool to the touch, though neither Simon nor Billy could feel it. For that matter, the Floor couldn't feel them either.

Simon and Billy moved through the mist that wasn't there - Billy ran and Simon swam after one another. Each was behind the other, yet alongside and in front of each other, too.

Both were very confused. 

Soon, they came to a small creek. Simon offered to carry Billy on his back, but soon discovered he had forgotten how to swim! They decided to fly over it instead. 

Billy turned to look back at the creek in amazement, as he had no idea how he could fly, but there was no creek there.

A 2-Footer stood before them. Neither had heard, saw or smelled it approach, yet, there it was nonetheless.

The mist that wasn't there, wasn't there again. Billy muttered how he wished it would go away. And it did. 

A flugel horn blahted. More 2-Footers shuffled, swam, flew and slithered towards the first 2-Footer. They though to each other and passed on.

Billy and Simon sat quietly in uffish thought and awaited their turn.

The 2-Footer quite suddenly bent down towards them and scooped them up in his wings. The claws were sharp, yet warm. Billy noticed its paws quickly changed shape as they were now being held in an enormous pair of flippers.

"You two again?" the 2-Footer beamed. "You just left! Ah, this constant time is a bother. Still, us can't let you in yet, you know. It's not time."

"In where?" burbled Simon.

Ignoring the greeny-skinned shape, the 2-Footer continued. "But, we will send you back."

"Back?! Back where?! Who is 'we'?" shrilled Billy.

"Ha-ha! You guys kill we. Or at least you would if me was alive," chortled the grinning 2-Footer.

The grinning 2-Footer was, in fact, merely an entity consisting of two feet, hands/claws/paws/wings/flippers/tentacles, legs and a shiny smile - all of such a mix of colors so as to appear as though there was no color at all. There was nothing else visible... except for its teeth, that appeared similar shape and number to an adult male human. But, it also possessed and absence of lips. And its mouth... the mouth never seemed to open - even as it spoke. Its hands/claws/paws/wings/flippers/tentacles seemed to be non-encumbered by arms. 

And after the Author's weak description skills had finished, the mist wasn't there again. Still.

"Yes, him will send you back. But this time it shall be different. They promised. Hey! Them wouldn't lie to we, would us?" said the grinning 2-Footer, as it dissolved into another mist that wasn't there.

 Suddenly, Simon and Billy were there where they weren't. All was quiet. All was warm. Both were sleeping, yet neither knew it, when without warning, both emerged into yet another light.

Billie the Frog broke free from the gelatinous mass and swam jerkily with her inky black brothers and sisters.

Simon the Rat squeaked as his mother licked the afterbirth from his fur. 

Billie had never met Simon and vice versa. At least not in this lifetime. 

Life's funny that way.


  1. Uh....okay... So, " things will liven up even though everyone is dead." Yes, I see.... Well, you got me to read the entire thing, so it can't be all bad. This reminds me of something that I once read by (I think) Hemingway: "Write drunk. Edit sober."

    Okay, so what's the deal with "being where they weren't"? Or were you doing what you shouldn't in Japan?

  2. Being there were they weren't was me just saying they were no longer there in the mist and were no 'magically' placed somewhere else... being born or reborn as something else.

    I wish I was more like Hemingway, but unfortunately, except for that one time that I admitted as much to you, I'm stone-cold sober when I write.

    Doing what I shouldn't be doing in Japan? Moi? Aside from breaking into a museum once or into a taxidermy exhibit or sleeping with some guy's girlfriend or anything with Junko, I was a pretty good boy while in Japan. Most of the stuff that happens is simply life.

    Still... I appreciate that you have at least read this far.

    I would say that by the end of this chapter, I had a pretty good idea of the whole plot... but my problem was making it long enough - I hate and can't write descriptively (which I do joke about in this story soon enough). Spoiler... I tend to break the 4th wall a fair bit and include The Author and The Editor into the story... as this seems to be a story about both and re-birth... and so once does need someone to create things... why not make them a part of the story?
    The rules of writing can limit the imagination. Why not break a few rules and break into a a taxidermy exhibit?