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Thursday, June 21, 2012

3: Billie The Frog And Simon The Rat Take A Trip

Continuing a novella I created back in 1991-1992. It's fun and hopefully fresh. It doesn't have a lot to do with Japan, but then again, Japan was the inspiration for the while thing. 
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Billy the Rat and Simon the Frog had never met each other, but had died in front of the same apartment building in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan at the exact same moment in time (such that it is) as the result of two separate and unrelated 2-Footer incidents.

They followed a light into a misty world and met the grinning 2-Footer who sent them back in new bodies.

Neither has any recollection of their past or future encounters.

Simon's life as a rat was comfortable, though as yet uneventful. He knew that everyday he would have to wake-up early and clean himself. Then when the Hands-and-Coat came to his glass house, he would be taken to a dead tree maze. Once he finished it, he would get his breakfast.

Afternoon chores usually meant pushing a button or two to get lunch, though of course, if he nudged the wrong button, he would get a nine-volt electrical charge coursing through his lithe body. Needless to say, that didn't happen much anymore because he was a fast learner.

Billie the Frog lived the idyllic life. Unbridled freedom in a clean, acid-free lake was all that any water creature sought.

Though only a tadpole, she was beginning to change. Her only foes were the Scaly-Swimmers and the 2-Footers.

Even after numerous parental-croaked warnings, the enemies always struck with alarming speed. Escape was futile.

On this particular summer's day—which is no day in particular if you aren't a 2-Footer—Billie the Frog (it was her name even though she was only a tadpole) swam happily with her family and friends in the shallows of The Lake.

None saw it occur and none heard it approach—though perhaps that was because there was too much croaking going on. One moment—The Lake. The next—a glass cage. She and 29 of her ebony brothers and sisters were taken away in the back of a Burrah-Beep.

They would never see The Lake again.


Simon's successes did not go unnoticed. He was soon taken from his family home and placed in his own room. Although there were 29 other rats in glass cages similar to his own, they were unable to communicate with each other, and thus all were very lonely.

Still... he performed his duties hungrily.

Even in her new home, Billie lived a life of ease. Though she was now a fully grown frog, she didn't have to search for food. The Hands-and-Coat fed her.

However, from time to time—which is still no time in particular for everyone but the 2-Footers—some of her pre-ebony/post-emerald friends and relatives had been taken away by the Hands-and-Coat and sliced by the shiny Snicker-Snak. They never came back.

One day, a chorus of Hands-and-Coat came and took Billie, the others, and their homes someplace different.

Amongst the Hands-and-Coat was a former butcher from Munich of 60 years ago, a Great Auk who was the 43rd from the last to become extinct, and one whose original brain casing is known as "Lucy".

At the same time, Simon was taken by a Hands-and-Coat creature, who was once killed in a meaningless duel with another bighorn ram, to another area.

Though he was still in his cage, he saw many other beings: Scaly-Swimmers, Froggers, Water-Ribbons and Mushi-Legs.

Billie the Frog was there, too. She saw Simon, but didn't know it because they had not yet met in this life.

A vermilion mist that was really a grey mist flooded their homes. Simon wished it would go away - and it did when he went to sleep.

Large amounts of small time segments passed and still the creatures remained asleep. But many Hands-and-Coat came and moved them to the Shiny-Stone-Bird above the Silo-Monster.

There had been rumors of this creature in all the homelands, and, had anyone been awake, they would have been much chagrined to discover that the myth was a reality.

Soon the Silo-Monster began to shimmy and shake as it flew from its nest. Faster! Higher! Past the pale blue sea and its islands of white and into the speckled band of the black ocean.

Then the fun began.

Simon awoke to the cool air - or rather he awoke in the cool air.

He was floating. And, try as he might, he couldn't get back down to his nice soft floor. Although, if he had stopped and thought about it, he would have noticed that the air was a good deal softer than his bed.

Billie hadn't really noticed the zero gravity, as she was swimming under the water. What she had noticed, was that a Hands-and-Coat (whose most famous previous life was as a whale killed to make perfume that actually had made it onto the the back of the neck of Marie Antoinette) had placed a Nylon-Grab into her home and was now chasing her with it.

Captured, she was placed on her back and pinioned to a cloth! The pain was almost too much, and she nearly passed out, which was unfortunate because it meant she was awake to see a vorporal Snicker-Snak positioned over her smooth white tummy.

Simon was also taken by a Hands-and-Coat (who was once a Cardinal during the Spanish Inquisition, and was also one of the first chickens ever fried by Colonel Sanders who was only a Private at that time), and placed upon The Wheel.

He had to run.

Even if it weren't for the 18-volt penalty for stopping, generations of breeding had ensured he would run whenever he spied The Wheel. It was just something that had to be done.

And he would run, and run and run some more... but now afraid to stop thanks to the penalty.

It didn't take long for his heart to explode. Just like that time in India.

The Hands-and-Coat clucked expectantly.

Once again they followed the black light for the first time. Together and yet by themselves. When they stopped to see who was following each other—it was them—the white light enveloped them.

Luckily, the milky mist wasn't there again, so Billie wished it away—and it went.

The grinning 2-Footer grinned its toothy grin and radiated a cool warmth.

"You still can't come in," smiled the 2-Footer grinner who never parted its teeth. "You have to go back."

Billie and Simon, who now remembered meeting each other before, cringed in shock. Though their eardrums were still flooded from the effects of zero gravity, the 2-Footer's thoughts came in supremely loud and clear.

Both felt the azure light tunnel vanish as quickly as they had died in the past.

Blackness. Warmth. Awake, yet asleep. A rip in time! A world thrown asunder! The White Room.

"It's a boy!" rang out two nurses in two hospitals in two countries simultaneously.

Life's funny that way.

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