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Monday, June 25, 2012

7: Billy and Simon Escape From A Turkish Prison

Okay... here's Chapter 7 of the Life's Funny Like That novella I wrote 21 years ago when I lived in Japan. It was my first attempt at a sustained idea (in written form). You can probably tell that as I was writing it, I was still coming up with the plot (unsuccessfully). I really had no idea where I was going with the story. But that's okay... I have always been able to create - kind of just let the ideas and dialogue just flow from wherever it is that it comes from. I'm always presently surprised by what I write. It's a stream of consciousness that is controlled... controlled by one thought... in this case, it was reincarnation. Now... this chapter... as I was writing it... I finally realized something... I had a conclusion for the story... an end point!
When I write... I hear the voices of my characters in my head... it helps me write dialogue. Just before I had this great breakthrough about the conclusion, I seem to have been working my way through a bit of writer's block.
I don't know what others do to get rid of writer's block, but I just keep writing and hope something will break through. If I sat and watched TV or read a magazine rather than work through my block, I'd just be wasting time. I hate wasting time.
Even though I may have wasted time... I included the following dialogue with the story as a means to show that the Editor and the Author are actual characters in the story, even though they are both me. Heck... every single character in the story is me, so what's the big deal? We'll have a solo story next time.       

Chapter 1             Chapter 6
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 
Chapter 5

Billy And Simon Escape From A Turkish Prison 
chapter vii

What?! Are you serious?! I thought this was supposed to be the chapter where YOU explain a few facts about who that Mr. Nasta guy is - the Mambo King of Yorkshire.

Uh.... I can't.
Why not? You can't have writer's block, because you have to be a writer to get that.
No! It's just that I don't want to do the Nasta story now.
Bloody artists! You told me you were going to do it now...
Yeah, I know.... but I was thinking that if I write that story about Mr. Nasta now, it would give away the plot.
There is no plot, you idiot!
Shhhhh! You promised not to tell.
Alright. I'm sorry. Let's just have the next installment please. I believe you mentioned to me that it's going to be about Simon and Billy in a Turkish prison? What's it going to be - circa 1990 or thereabouts? It sounds exciting! Lots of blood and violence and sex, I suppose! Our readers will really enjoy the change of pace.
Yeah, I suppose they would... unfortunately, I've changed my mind. I've got something even better.
Really (sarcasm)...
I... I think it's a plot!
Shut! Up! A plot?! It's about bloody time! We're already at chapter viii... what is that, seven?
Eight. It's Roman numerals. V = 5, and the I's are ones. V+I+I+I = 8
Yeah... whatever. (Art phag).
Writer wannabe!
You're a writer wannabe...
Anyhow, here's the next part. It's special.   

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