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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

8: The Writer Explains How It All Began - Sort Of

When I wrote this story 21 years ago sitting in various teacher's lounges at various junior high schools in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan, I wanted to create a story that combined science with religion. While not an overly religious fellow, I was brought up a Roman Catholic. Having said that, Catholics are not supposed to believe in reincarnation. But I believe it could happen - unless science can prove otherwise, of course. In Japan, via Buddhism, reincarnation is a tenet, as life and death are cyclical.
Aha! So there is a reason for this story appearing in this blog about Japan!
I recall once when I asked my boss at the OBOE (Ohtawara Board of Education) for some spider spray to kill all of the buggers invading my balcony.
Hanazaki-san looked at me carefully and sternly told me that the Japanese believe that one day the Buddha will come back to Earth in the form of a spider.
I thought about it for less than a second before I carefully answered him, that there is no way the Buddha would come back to the balcony of a non-believer like myself. He would come back to someone very spiritual.
Hanazaki-san nodded in acceptance.
I then added that in the meantime, I should like to get rid of all of the false Buddhas for the people of Japan (and the world).
He drove me to the store and bought me a spray can of spider death.
I got to play god with the Buddha.  
Gods, I miss Hanazaki-san.

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The Writer Explains How It All Began - Sort Of
chapter viii

Hi. This is the Editor, once again. I'm terribly sorry to be interrupting again, but there are certain points I want to clarify with this hack who calls himself a writer. Okay. I though this was supposed to be "Billy's Solo Story" - what's going one?You change your mind again?

Well folks, it's good to realize that the Editor of a book knows how to read. Didn't you read the preamble? I decided to make this novella an even 20 chapters! Anything else you wan to know?
Is this supposed to be the big plot breakthrough that you mentioned in chapter7?

You mean chapter vii? Uh, no. Not really. That'll come later. However, this story will help us set-up the stage for a previous or later story that I haven't yet decided upon. I hope.

Both Billy and Simon and or Simone and Billie have had, will have and are having at the very moment a life that involves the other, no matter how remote the relationship. However, not every singe instant of their being is spent around the other. Occasionally, the higher powers - like me, the Writer - allow them to spend some time to be by themselves. This, sort of, is one of those times. Or maybe it was. Or it might be in the future if not now while you are reading this. Whatever. This 'time' stuff is confusing the heck out of me, not to mention the Editor (which we won't).
Between the time when your garden variety Eden was allowed to germinate to the time when the pest control was called, a grinning 2-Footer experiment gone awry was in full blossom upon Earth.

Dinosaurs. Million's of 'em. All over the place. The grinning 2-Footer liked them a lot, as he was awaiting the day when they would help bring forth a truly golden era in the annals of godhood.

However, his pet creations were not the cat's meow (an expression that has been around for just about forever) among some of his earlier tries - the Winged ones.  

The Winged ones were always falling prey to a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex or a sub-sonic aerial acrobat like a Pterodactyl. At least they were lucky. Whenever they lost a life, they simply went back into the pool. Unlike the poor Un-humans.   

The Un-humans were the immediate forerunners to the current genetic human breeding programme. When they lost a life, that was it. It was because they had no souls to begin with. These misshapen creatures lived deep within the bowels of the Earth. Occasionally, some came to love closer to the humans, but never with them. 

Unfortunately, this is not their story. 
The Glorious fly-boys took their displeasure over the dinosaurs eating them to the grinning 2-Footer. They begged to have the horrid things gone, before they and their wondrous wings all vanished in a haze. (The white mist that wasn't always there was quite young then, and not quite a mist yet).

The grinning 2-Footer solemnly agreed to end the reign of the thunder lizards with a large meteor that would vaporize upon contact with the Earth.

The Winged ones were ecstatic and swooped down over the clouds to get close to the actrion and watch all of the fun. 

Down came the meteor!


As promised, it vanished upon contact - but left behind a large cloud of dust and ash which covered the planet and the atmosphere like a blanket. of dust and ash. That really is the best description.

Blocking the sun's rays, the cloud caused the overall temperature of the planet's exterior to lower, killing all of the dinosaurs who were unable to adapt fast enough. To be fair, the grinning 2-Footer did provide all with the ability to adapt, if they were wise enough to have done so. 

Unseen by anyone, save perhaps the grinning 2-Footer, the explosion from the meteor impacting upon the planet also annihilated all of the Winged ones, as they were far too close to the epic-center to avoid their own demise.

From the carnage, several species of reptiles (like a future-day record producer), amphibians (like frogs), mammals (like rats) and fish (like the ones Brandon had to eat as an Emperor penguin back in chapter iv) survived. Most types of insect and plant life also survived, but they were forced to adapt quickly in the ever-changing environment now thrust upon them.

As mentioned, all of the Winged ones died during the mass extinction, but seeing as how the grinning 2-Footer always had a soft spot for them, he re-created them all into birds.

It was around this time, that things got kind of antsy in the garden. Mankind was expelled, and life began anew on Earth.

This eventually brings us (all of us) to the Upper Pleistocene Era  - which if you know anything about the history of this planet, was a proverbial drop in the bucket, but a long time ago, nonetheless for us. 

We are about to witness the arrival of the Cro-Magnon Man in the Neanderthal Man's lifestyle, and things will never be the same again. Except when they are.

Life's funny that way.

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