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Thursday, June 28, 2012

10: Billy The Dog And Simone The Cat Are Dead Again

We're half way home! This is chapter 10 of the comedic (?) novella I wrote in Japan about reincarnation after seeing a dead mouse and frog beside my bicycle in the parking area outside my building in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan back in 1991. It took me less time to create this story than the amount of time it is taking me to re-type it today. I probably should have edited better back then - but, there was no Internet, no home computer (sort of), I had no reference material (can't read Japanese) except for whatever the hell was in my head.
Back then, I only knew how to create a quick hit-and-run comedy piece that was often shorter than the introductions I have been adding to each chapter of this story. When the hell did I become enamored with the sound of a keyboard clacking away?
I must have been an ego maniac in every one of my past lives. On with the story: 

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Billy The Dog And Simone The Cat Are Dead Again
chapter x

The Writer is quite sure it is rare for two main characters in a story to be dead before the adventure begins. Moreso, if it happens again and again, as it has happened in the future and past many a time before. At least that's the way things are for Billy and Simone.
Billy the Dog and Simone the Cat are dead. Though they will have died many times, this was their first as domesticated pets.

They were killed by what their future incarnations once called a Burrah-Beep, driven by Mr. Nasta, the Mambo King of Yorkshire. While that may not seem overly important to you, it was important to Mr. Nasta.
Simone walked slowly toward the Oxford brown light. She wasn't sure, but it looked like that awful Woof-Woof was in front of her.

"Good." She thought. "I'll let him go first, and if he gets in trouble, I can avoid it."

She continued to skirt along the middle of the light's edge.
Billy-boy ran like there was no tomorrow, which in fact, there wasn't. Simone the Cat was walking ever so slowly in front of him, but no matter how fast he ran, he still couldn't catch up to her.

He didn't want to bark at her because that would frighten her like it did... before? "When was that?" he whined.

He also noticed that the light at the end of the tunnel wasn't getting any closer.
Simone heard a whine behind her and looked back.
For some reason, Billy-boy had an urge to look back. He did.
Both Simone and Billy-boy stopped in their tracks and were quickly enveloped by the whiteness of black. They stepped through to the other side. Fast.
Once in through the out door, they knew everything about the other and therefore, about themselves.

With but the speed of thought (around 700 miles an hour), they began to follow each other separately through a white mist that quite sudden;y wasn't there at this moment, but was later than before.

Billy padded noiselessly on the warm floor. Simone whiffled alongside.

The Floor, if it could have a thought (which it often did), believed it was running a fever, but that was quite impossible because it wasn't alive and didn't believe it was possible for a mere floor to have a fever. Despite this conjecture, the floor did indeed have a fever.
 No river sudden;y appeared causing Billy and Simone to dig over it to pass. The Floor which thought of complaining to someone, suddenly forgot to remember it was not a living creature and faded slowly under the white mist that was particularly thick where it wasn't.

A grinning 2-Footer stood in front of Simone and Billy, as they landed with a gentle THUD!!! from their long flight.

It really didn't look like any 2-Footer they had seen this time before. It had two large unshod feet (if wither had been a shoe salesman they would have known it to be a size 10-1/2 US or 30-centimeters... which is exactly one foot). There were also legs and a pair of armless wings/claws/hands/flippers/paws/tentacles, and a shiny smile. Long white feathery wings stretched from behind it, too.
"Well, look what the cat dragged in. Opps! No offense," grinned the 2-Footer as it gave its best impression of Rod Serling. It's teeth never parted when it spoke!

"Do you want to fetch the stick? C'mon, let's go!" laughed the grinning 2-Footer.
Billy who was now in control of his faculties wanted to lunge at the 2-Footer's neck, but determined there was none.

"Uh-uh-uhhhh! No evil thoughts like that, please. We were only joking, we am be, right?" giggled the grinning 2-Footer. "I'm going to send you back, because that's what she wants we to do. I'm sorry... you have no one to blame but yourselves."

"Who makes the rules?" mewled Simone.

The grinning 2-Footer appeared to stare through Simone and Billy, which was quite a feat considering there were no eyes visible.

"I will!" boomed the grinning 2-Footer. "I have! And I am again!"

The white mist made its mysterious appearance again and absorbed the smile with its mistiness. Echoing for an instant in the white light, a thought pierced the veil that 'sounded like the grinning 2-Footer: "He'll see you later before you see we now."

Confusing. It was always confusing when they met the grinning 2-Footer.

Faster than a thought and more powerful than a mist, Simone and Billy had been pushed pack out into the long, dark tunnel. This time, unlike before, it came rushing towards them as it always has and pulled them in.
Lost in the spiraling darkness, Billy kicked his paws out to slow his descent from the tunnel.
Simone tried to scratch the sides of the quickly shrinking walls with her claws, but found she had none.    
Claudia van Berke (a former court jester to Henry VIII, who was beheaded after telling an ill-timed joke about his Majesty's marital problems while he was entertaining a young Ann Boleyn who would one day be the mother of Elizabeth I) and Imogene van Horne (previously a sow stolen from a rhyming nitwit who later immortalized her in a nursery rhyme) were best friends. They each felt their babies kick at exactly the same time.

Labor was immanent and imminent, though neither knew why.

Life's funny that way. 

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