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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dead Sardines Invade Chiba-ken Shores

With apologizes to Shakespeare, there's something rotten in the state of Chiba

Tons and tons of dead sardines are being dragged by ocean currents to Isumi-shi's Ohara port located in Chiba-ken (Chiba Prefecture).

Estimates have said the amount of fish equals several dozen metric tons... several means 'three'... 3 x 12 dozen = 36... therefore 36 tons... metric tons. A metric ton is 1,000 kilograms, which equals 1,102.3 Imperial pounds...

Therefore... 36 metric tons = 39,682.799999999996 pounds or 19.841 Imperial tons.

Let's see... the average weight of an adult sardine could be as light as 150-grams... that means that in order to make up the weight, there must have been:

... about 450 grams in one pound, which means that there are three sardines to make a pound!).... therefore 39,682.8 pounds x 3 = 119,048.4 sardines.

Unless the estimates were off, in which case, just forget about the last four paragraphs.

The event began at around noon on June 3, 2012, and four days later it continues.

What caused this mass extinction of these fishy, fishy, fishy fish? I wonder where that fish did go?

Anyhow... with millions of nearly 120,000 dead sardines drifting into in port, you can probably imagine that there's a certain aroma wafting through the area. A dead fish smell... that I'm sure is most unappetizing - unless you are a sea bird.

You might think that 120,000 dead sardines (over) ripe for the pickin' might attract a whole lotta birds, but if you take a look at the video posted below on You Tube, you'll see that all the dead fish have attracted are the rank and file townspeople who are scooping out the rotting corpses from the water and dumping them on the pier, where I assume someone will come by with a bulldozer and take them somewhere for proper disposal.

Okay... I also didn't see any cats. Cats like fish don't they? In all of those Sylvester and Tweety cartoon, the cat is always looking through garbage cans for fish remains before setting his sights on the bird!

Does that man that the cats and birds know that there is something wrong with the fish? Ah... I'm just asking a question. I'm not thinking radiation poisoning or anything morose like that... and neither should you.

It is possible, however, that with the recent strong earthquakes that hit to the north, perhaps a pocket of noxious gas was released deep in the ocean and happened to kill the sardines swimming blissfully unaware above...

Of course, and I'm just postulating here, perhaps if that happened, we might also see fish of a different color present... different species, and not just sardines... which is what appears to be the only victim(s) here.

So... what could have caused it? Back to the earthquake theory... maybe an earthquake released some heat in an area where the sardines were swimming, and that temperature change was enough to kill the whole school, if the heat was around for a long time. Maybe an underwater volcano went off and either heated the area or poisoned the fish?

No one knows. At this time. Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife will continue to look into this story and when he finds solid facts, he will share it. Or you can do the same and share with me.

Andrew Joseph

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  1. With the job situation as bad as it it, maybe they were applying for those three job openings at the fish canning factory in Chiba?