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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Honda Jet's Customer Service Makes Good!

Well, it always seems as though the squeaky wheel gets the cheese or something like that.

I have received a proper response from Honda Aircraft Company regarding my query on their HA-420  HondaJet aircraft- just as a I expected I would last week. While I am always embarrassed when I receive the information I am looking for AFTER I complain about not getting it sooner, I am always impressed by a company and or an individual responding to me after said complaint. It takes guts.   


Apology accepted.

As such, since I complained about being ignored and railed against the company, it is only fair of me to provide their response here in answer to my questions on behalf of one of our readers.

Dear Mr. Joseph:

At Honda Aircraft Company, customer service is an extremely important part of our business. Our goal is to always exceed customer expectations and therefore, satisfying the customer is our top priority. We apologize that your email request was not answered in a timely manner and want to make sure that you know that this issue is being addressed.

In an effort to help you understand our plans, I have provided answers to your questions below:

Firstly, Honda Aircraft is keen to offer the HondaJet in markets around the world.  Currently, Honda Aircraft intends to certify the HondaJet to U.S. (FAA) and European (EASA) standards first.  FAA certification is due the second half of 2013 and EASA certification is expected within a few months following.  Upon gaining these initial certifications, other certification efforts will be pursued in order to open additional markets for the HondaJet.

However, it is not just opening the markets which is important to Honda Aircraft Company but supporting them as well.  And it is of utmost importance to Honda Aircraft Company to be able to support the new HondaJet to a world-class standard.  We have chosen a dealer network for this very reason--to provide outstanding service and support for the customer locally.  Each HondaJet Dealer will have a full complement of thoroughly trained and licensed technicians utilizing the latest tools and technology to ensure that each HondaJet is maintained to exacting Honda Aircraft Company specifications.
So, to your question regarding Auckland, it is our intention to have a service center within a reasonable distance from where each HondaJet will be based.  Currently, we have not yet selected a dealer to provide service in Australia or New Zealand; however, we view that region as an important market for the future and so we will continue to review our options there.

With regard to parts, the Honda Aircraft Service Parts Team consists of dedicated individuals with exceptional experience predicting demand and usage patterns of genuine Honda parts. The team has established key relationships with expert logistics partners, including FedEx, to ensure timely delivery.  You can expect the following regarding parts distribution:

• New, exchange, and repair capability
• Web-based parts ordering
• 24/7 availability
• Key logistic partnerships
• Service parts stocked at HondaJet Dealers
• Two distribution locations (North America and Europe)

In addition, mobile repair teams can be dispatched from any HondaJet Dealer or from Honda Aircraft in Greensboro, NC. As part of our commitment to an exceptional customer ownership experience, Honda Field Service Engineers are available to provide on-site support. They serve as Technical Support liaisons to both customers and dealers and will actively participate in customer visits, warranty support, reliability reporting, resolution of issues, and overall care of our customers.

I hope that I have answered your questions with the above response and again, I do sincerely apologize for the delay.  If you have any further questions, please let me know and I or one of my team will respond quickly.

Thank you for your inquiry and have a nice weekend.

Byron Severson
Vice President, Sales

Honda Aircraft Company
6430 Ballinger Road
Greensboro, NC 27410

Tel: 1.336.387.0703
Fax: 1.336.662.0205
Mob: 1.336.543.5294

Dear Byron... thank you for the great information and YOUR speedy response. I realize that Honda Aircraft Company is essentially a brand new company and all employees are very busy in establishing a name for yourself as a solid brand - continuing on the great success of the Honda automobile company.

No hard feelings on my part, and I hope none on yours.

I am actually surprised when I do get a quick response - like holy smokes! Someone is listening! I did that recently with my bank as well and also received a first-class response to my complaint.

So, Byron, while I have no doubt that I will ever fly one of your planes, I do hope to one day fly IN one. 

Thank you for your response.

Oh... and I like how you actually got my name correct. You have no idea how often I have been incorrectly called Joseph as my given name. Bah.

Andrew Joseph
By the way... the image above was taken from Wikimedia... showing the HondaJet's rear view of the podded engine configuration. The photo was taken in 2006 by Michael Pereckas of Milwaukee, WI, USA.

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