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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Honda Jet's Customer Service Sucks

I have done a couple of postings on the new Honda Jet plane - an exciting new venture in my mind and a whole lot of other people that has the renowned automobile manufacturer taking to the skies.

I will direct you to my blog entry HERE for all the good information, and again HERE for a view of it in a test flight.

All well and good right?

But I was asked June 12th, 2012 about the peripherals of owning such a nice-looking plane. For example... what if I, as a person of means, was able to purchase a fine plane from Honda, but I live in Italy because I really like Italian women. Aw, who's kidding whom - I really like women. Period. 

A reader asked me about whether or not Honda would be able to provide service, replacement parts, and maintenance to its new HondaJet for its global customers.

I thought about it, figured that since Honda is a smart company, it would have set up satellite offices around the world to better handle the needs of its customers - which it has, indeed, done, with multiple offices designated to handle the needs of customers around the world. 

I also thought that I would actually contact the Honda Aircraft Company headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S. of A.—which along with being the headquarters of the company, also houses the eastern region sales office - so I did.

Bright and early on Wednesday, June 13, 2012, I sent an e-mail to the manager of the eastern region sales office Nick Newby. I chose the eastern sales office because I live in Toronto.

Even if I chose the wrong person to contact, surely Honda would forward my request(s) to the proper individual?

I kept the e-mail light and breezy - rather than stiff and formal - because I am requesting a favor. After all, I'm just the writer of a small blog that gets around 40,000 hits a month, and I am not obviously looking to purchase one of Honda's planes. You know... what's in it for Nick? So why be so official?

Here's my e-mail: 

Hello Nick,
My name is Andrew Joseph, and I run a blog entitled: Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife (link below) where I examine all things Japanese from news, my diary of my life there, social customs and idioms, and history. I keep things light, but provide solid, serious data as well. 

I have done a couple of posts on the new Honda Jet - and judging by the response, it is one of the most popular non-sexual topics I have created over the past three years.

Yesterday, however, I was asked by a reader about service, maintenance and parts issues for purchasers of a Honda Jet who may live outside of the global office areas.

For example - what if I own a Honda Jet in Auckland... I realize that the main HQ in Greensboro will handle that, but is that efficient enough for me? I need a part now... how soon can I get it?

I realize that the Greensboro facility will have a full cache of parts, since it was built there, but what about the office in Germany, or Mexico or Spain?

What about service? I know Honda prides itself on customer service, but can I as a pretend-Honda Jet owner in Auckland expect the same service when I am separated by a 17-hour or so time difference?

Maintenance? I assume that is looked after by my mechanic at the hangar, but is there something so off the wall on the Honda Jet that will make a standard hangar mechanic useless?

I will take whatever information you can provide, any fact sheets or photos for public consumption.

Nick... thank you for your time.

writer: Evil Scientist Quarterly
Twitter: ASJ47

So... because it was Honda, I must admit that I actually expected a response by the end of day. Either through Nick, or at least one of his co-workers. That didn't happen. It's okay, I thought, perhaps he was out, sick, on vacation (though there was no e-mail notification regarding vacation).

Perhaps he's busy. New company... lots of things to do. Though a brief note saying he 'received my e-mail and will get back to me shortly' would have been appreciated.

And then I waited. I check my e-mail periodically through the day, and always make a habit of checking my spam folder, as I don't want to miss a chance at getting Viagara or Cialis for 60% or 70% or 80% or god help me 90% off. Off what, I have no idea, but as long as it gets you off, right?

That was sarcasm, by the way. I'm 47 and have no use for it yet.

And here it is Thursday, June 21. That's nine days after I sent off my e-mail.

Well, well, well... no offense Honda and Nick, but even if someone died, you were sick or on vacation... surely it is not company policy to ignore messages and requests for information?

And don't give me that BS about it getting lost in the Spam filter! You are supposed to check it - often. Why would you want to take the chance you could lose a customer?

Oh well... and here I was, all ready to provide my readers with some great information and trumpet the efficiency of Honda and how they can look after a customer regardless of where in the world they are located.

I guess I was wrong. I thought I mattered. Customer service... tsk-tsk, Honda Aircraft Company.

And yet... this exercise has allowed me to present my readers with some great information. You know... about your lack of customer service.  

Look under my signature for more!

Somewhere disappointed,
Andrew Joseph 

But wait... Honda did finally respond. Yes, it unfortunately took this e-mail to do so, but they did apologize and provide me with the data I was looking for: HERE

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  1. Honda has lost me as a customer as well!