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Friday, June 22, 2012

Japan Looks To Futurama And Bender The Robot

Any fans of Futurama out there? If you are like me, you may have been a fan of the sassy bending robot Bender Bending Rodriguez. That's him in the image above.

Anyhow, Opton Japan Co. Ltd. has created the T-WIN20 KDM bending robot that can, like its animated compadre can twist and bend pipes. In fact, the T-WIN20 can feed in, twist and bend pipes at the same time.

Says Yamada Yoshinori, a sales representative with Opton: "With conventional benders, a person inserts each pipe, and takes it out after it’s been bent. But this robot bender feeds the pipe in, bends it, and outputs it. In other words, it does everything without human assistance. If the user decides where the materials should be output, the robot will do the job for over 20 hours. That means fewer people are needed. 
"Also, regarding the processing speed, if the first bend is done when the pipe goes in, and the last bend is done when the pipe comes out, the first and last bends are done faster than with conventional benders."

Yamada continues: "With an ordinary bender, the pipe is fed in, twisted, and bent. When there’s a part there, the T-WIN20 can take its hand off the pipe, grip the pipe again, then bend it. So the robot bender can even bend pipes that have parts attached."

Riveting stuff, right? Wrong. That's a robot that does riveting. This bending robot has promise for the future, despite the ¥15,500,000  ($194,000) price tag.

And, if you don't think a bending robot is worth that much, Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife is sure Opton's T-WIN20 wants you to "bite my shiny metal ass."

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  1. It's probably going to ruin the tubing instead of bending it correctly. This difference comes because pipes are usually measured by the diameter on the inside.

    1. Man... I am impressed by this comment!