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Friday, June 1, 2012

Japan Still Leads World In Longevity

Already the longest lived people on the planet, Japan's life expectancy rose again.

Japanese men now want to live until they are 79.55 years of age, while women hang on for nearly an additional seven years with an 86.30 life expectancy, according to results from the 2010 census that was released to the public on May 31, 2012.

Men gained nearly a year of life since the previous census done in 2005 with a 0.99 years, while women gained 0.78 years.

The census, done every five years is the domain of the Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

That was the average life expectancy.

There's a different number, however, known as the abridged life table which creates a mortality calculation which reveals how much time is left for a person based on their age. I don't get it either - it's friggin' complicated.

Anyhow, the abridged life table is calculated by the Ministry every year.

In 2010-11 numbers released last July were 79.64 years for the men, and 86.39 years for the women.

That means that the new numbers released above actually FELL for 2011-12 by 0.09 years.

Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife wonders if they calculate stress from massive earthquakes, tsunami, near nuclear meltdowns, economic failure and the like.

The Japanese do eat healthy foods - despite a swing that includes more 'American' fast food cuisine into their diets. Combine this with a penchant for smoking, drinking, over-work, and one wonders just how long these people could actually live?

Here's a Top 15 list of life expectancies around the world as calculated by the United Nations between the years 2005 - 2010.  

                              Men        Women       Combined
#1:  Japan               79.00        86.10          82.60
#2:  Hong Kong      79.40        85.10          82.20
#3: Switzerland        80.00       84.20          82.10
#4: Israel                 80.00       84.00          82.00
#5: Iceland              80.20       83.30          81.80
#6: Australia            78.90       83.60          81.20
#7: Singapore          79.00       83.00          81.00
#8: Spain                 77.70       84.20          80.90
#9: Sweden             78.70       83.00          80.90

#10: Macau             78.50       82.80          80.70
#11: France             77.10       84.10          80.70
#12: Canada            78.30       82.90          80.70
#13: Italy                 77.50       83.50          80.50
#14: UK                  78.10       82.10          80.50
#15: New Zealand   78.20       82.20          80.50

#38: United States    75.60      80.80          78.20
#194: Mozambique   38.30      39.00          39.20

Only in Niger and Swaziland did the men live longer than women:
#160: Niger              57.80      56.00          56.90
#193: Swaziland       39.80       39.40         39.60 

Man... look at Mozambique! What sort of world do we live in where your life is over just as it starts?

You can click on the image above to make it a bit larger, to get a better look at the world's longevity rates.

Just so you realize, the numbers don't quite make sense. Look at the UK and New Zealand, for example. they have the same combined age of 80.5... but the individual numbers for New Zealand's men and women are actually higher than their counterparts in the UK! I did get the numbers from Wikipedia - so, who knows! That's why I say, right here, that you use the numbers for reference, rather as the absolute truth. 

Since I hate ending stories on a downer, allow me to tell you a joke I first heard 35 years ago. I have included the word 'Japanese' here, but you could probably use whatever nationality you like:

Q: Why do Japanese men not live as long as Japanese women?
A: They just don't want to.

Files compiled by Andrew Joseph

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