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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Japanese Scientists Create Diet Glasses

The last blog article was on Google - this one is about goggles. You wouldn't believe how many times I have written Google rather than goggles in this story! Every time!

Anyhow... scientists from the University of Tokyo led by its graduate school of information science professor Hirose Michitaka (surname first), have created glasses that trick the wearer into believing that they are eating larger portions than they are, and thus they should be full sooner.

Call them diet glasses.

What? Glasses that make objects appear larger than they actually are?

You mean like this? 
Relax...  Objects may appear closer than they actually are...
These researchers who are correct in believing that dieting is for suckers (says the writer who is 20lbs overweight, but is only this way because he is depressed and substitutes food for happiness), which is why they created these glasses that use computers and augmented reality to trick the visual senses into believing that what they are eating is actually larger than it really is.

Therefore... the four-eyed freakazoid could be eating something very small... or even very plain, and these glasses will trick the brain that the eater is satisfied... when in reality, they are not.

Weird looking glasses... no wait! The diet glasses are on the guy on the left. That's Professor Hirose on the right!
Apparently, cameras attached to a set of glasses feed the image of the food back into a computer (it has many bytes!), which then magnifies the apparent size of the cookie back to the glasses so that even if a chocolate chip cookie is in the eater's hand, that cookie will appear much larger, but the hand holding it will not. In the photo above, the hand holding the augmented reality large cookie has turned White.

The researchers really did conduct experiments where the volunteers actually ate 10 per cent less cookies when they thought the cookies was actually 50 per cent larger.

Conversely, these same volunteers ate 15 percent more cookies, when the tasty treats where made to look as though it was smaller - two-thirds of its actual size.

Hunh. I am still preconditioned to eat the whole box, regardless of the cookie's size. Me like cookies.

Ha! I just got it. I'm a depressed optimist! My glasses make me half full... so I'm almost done with this blog.

According to Hirose, he's the type of guy who was interested on how computers can be used to trick the human mind. Or Cookie Monsters.

He says: "How to fool various senses or how to build on them using computers is very important in the study of virtual reality."

Part of the problem in fooling the senses is that you can fool one sense, but the others senses kick in and try and right the ship. But, Hirose says that using one or more senses to fool the others was a way around this problem.

"Reality is in your mind," he says while the Red King dreams of him. (That's from the Alice In Wonderland books!)

So... in another project - also involving the glasses, Hirose's team developed what he calls (if it were translated to English) a "meta cookie", where the disco bondage headgear uses scent bottles and visual trickery to trick the wearer into thinking the snack they are eating is anything but a plain old cookie. The bastards. What am I really eating?

That's what she said...
The sub-continent in the cartoon above is India, which is apparently my background... but if I wear those glasses, I could appear as White as that volunteer's hand.

I'm just kidding about the color changes, eh.  

With the multiple senses being tricked, the person wearing this crazy get-up can set the device to their favorite taste so they think they are eating a chocolate or strawberry-flavored cookie, even when all they have are ginger snaps, which I hate. Or anything with lemon in it. I really like Vanilla Wafers and those granny cookies with the red jelly in the middle! Crap! I'm making myself hungry.

I could use those glasses, but I think I would much rather wait until they come out with a contact lenses version. My eyesight sucks, but with contacts, at least I don't look as ugly as I did as a teenager when if I caught the sun just right, my glasses could cause any girl looking at me to spontaneously combust! Fortunately for them, no girl ever looked at me in high school. True story. I'll have to tell it to you someday. No wait... I just did.  

Anyhow... Hirose says that his team's experiments fool the test volunteers roughly 80- per cent of the time.

Hirose says he and his team have not come up with any plans to commercialize (IE, make money) from their great invention of screwing with your mind. Hello... foreign governments? CIA... how about you?

Hirose did say that he is interested in discovering if people can use the glasses to actually lose weight - which is not proven yet, despite the media calling his glasses 'diet glasses'.

If the scientists are still looking for ways to use the size fooling googles, have they thought about how it could be applied to male masturbation? Wow! I'm huge!

Somewhere through the looking glass,
Andrew Joseph

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