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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LEGO: Tentacle Rape

I admit that I can be a twisted bastard.

How else to explain the newest LEGO diorama I created over the past two nights?

I was digging around in the bags of LEGO I have looking for a part or two to build another diorama I am constructing, when I came across these weird looking arms.

Then I remembered that my pal Steve in Moken, Illinois had given me his Harry Potter set two summers ago, and they contained  more of these arms.

Oh yeah... Harry Potter... I bet these 'arms' are actually legs for Hagrid's pet giant spider. I never knew, as when Steve gave me the set, he didn't have a box or any instructions.

Still, it doesn't explain why I did what I did, except that something in my dark brain remembered the poster below that I used in a blog months ago. I can't even recall why I used it, but used it I did.

Remembering, and then recently within the past two weeks having seen an ukiyo-e depicting tentacle porn - drawn by the master artist Hokusai (which I will present soon enough) - I thought I would create my own LEGO version of it, as a lead in.

No actual porn, of course - this isn't that type of blog - but rather the anticipation of it.

I do recall back in 1988 or so, that my comic book dealer gave me a Japanese-language copy of the classic post-apocalyptic anime Akira on video tape, along with two other videos that contained Japanese anime porn, known as hentai. I had watched them a couple of times, but it really did not interest me much. I do recall, however, being bemused by the fact that there were a couple of scenes in each video that contained robotic tentacles sexually assaulting a woman.

If 1988 was 2012, I would have exclaimed WTF?! I didn't get it. It was Japanese animation showing rape, essentially, and while I might have still been a virgin in 1988, I still knew what I liked and didn't like about sex. I didn't care for it.

However, while I am still not into this whole rape fantasy sex thing, my ex-stalker girlfriend Junko whom I met in Japan, did introduce me to other more binding attributes of sex. I'm just saying I'm no prude.

LEGO, of course, is a children's toy, and Japanese tentacle rape fantasy animation usually involves the rape of a young woman.

I'm not making this stuff up. It seems to be a part of Japanese culture, and while I would assume that most Japanese people do not care for this sort of stuff, there is a large and profitable industry in the country that would say otherwise.

While sometimes I spend too much time re-writing the news or presenting my diary of my life in Japan, I do also try and present images and stories about the culture of Japan. Love it or hate it, tentacle rape is a part of it. 

And that's why I have created this diorama.

Before we get to more photos of the tentacle rape... or if you prefer, the monster in the park about to attack the unsuspecting high school girl, here are some other dioramas I have created with feudal Japan as the theme, featuring samurai, ninja, temples and life as it existed two hundred or more years ago.


Here's #10:

Rear view: Tentacled and toothy monster approaches...
Closing in, a careless tentacle knocks the lid off a recycling container behind the park bench...
Side view: The suspense is killing me...
Teeth above and dagger-like teeth below, slimy tentacles everywhere are inching closer...
Full frontal diorama. She doesn't feel a thing... yet.
And there you have it. What is cool about this particular diorama, is that I made use of a couple of pieces that allow me to alter the angle of the tentacles up and down. Hinges, I guess, is what they are. As well, the tentacles are made mainly of a slightly curved body and a wickedly curved finger, which means I can twist the fingers into different points of 'articulation'.

The whole diorama sits on a small 5-inch x 5-inch flat green base. At its three tallest points - the tree and park lamp in the foreground (from kit #3179 - the LEGO Light Repair Truck that I borrowed a few hours earlier from my sleeping son), and a tentacle at the back, it reaches a height of 4-3/4 inches.

Let's see... there's a backpack on the park bench, a loose newspaper beside the recycling bin, a pair of old-style small round deciduous trees, long grass (which doubles as the holders for the flower petals), lots of dagger points and talons used for the creature's teeth. There is no mouth, or rather, if there is, it is enveloped in blackness that can only come from the 47th dimension where this tentacled beast resides.

The high school girl's uniform consists of the top from the American sailor in the Series 4 individual packs that came out last March 2011, while her skirt is actually one that came with a cheerleader from the Series 1 pack from 2010.   

My six-year-old son was quite interested in this, and wanted to know what I was building when he saw it six hours earlier when all I had was a mock-up of some tentacles, and the girl sitting on the park bench that was not even placed on the base yet. He seemed to like my idea that it was just a monster in a park.

Welcome to Japanese Culture 101.

Andrew Joseph



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  1. Men, you made me laught strong with this diorama