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Sunday, July 8, 2012

19: Billy And Simon Truly See The Light

You know... the only reason I am presenting this is because very good friends of mine, Matthew and Mike, both suggested I present the story of Simon and Billy here. I know it doesn't get a lot of hits on this blog because it really isn't Japanese-related - and for those of you looking for Japan-related stuff, I'm sure it's a kick in the teeth... but regulars know I try to do two-a-day blogs of Japanese-related material here. I've gotten away from that because re-typing this novella of mine one chapter at a day takes up a lot of time and energy - mostly because I don't know how to type.
Still... thanks for allowing me to do this story. It was fun to re-read it again after 21 years - back when I did live in Japan and was just beginning to feel like I understood who I might be. Nowadays when people ask me what I am (I assume they don't mean 'are you a jerk?''), I say I am a writer. I may not be a great writer, but I do think I am a very good story-teller. I am continuing to work on learning how to be a very good writer.

No name dropping in this one.
By the way, Caroline... you'll notice that this story has a lot of conversation at the end of it to try and wrap things up. Just saying, is all.

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Billy And Simon Truly See The Light
chapter xix

"Well, we am all in agreement that it is all quite exciting," grinned the grinning 2-Footer. "Just as it has always been."

What are you talking about? Your continual psycho babble is giving me a rather immense headache," sighed a flaming Mr. Nasta. "And what am I doing up here? You never let me enter the light before. You only let me try and kill these two and then chase them through the tunnel. Why now?"

That's because you have never really died before," grinned the toothsome 2-Footer.

"Okay, so why am I here? Why now?"

"Because the end of this world has come. Your job on Earth is over. We profess I many thanks to you for your dedication to your work. Us especially thought your writing of the Dead Sea scrolls to be a nice touch."

"You wrote that?" squeaked a fireball that may have once been Billy.

"Oh... did you really like it? It was truly spur of the moment, I assure you," smiled Mr. Nasta as looked towards a shimmering flame that was probably once upon a time, Simon. Simon, if she had a head, would have shaken it in disgust.

"So what was the purpose of all of this? I know we should be punished - but endless reincarnation?" shouted Simon.

"You are here now, so it was hardly endless. Besides, you all had a part to play and each did it to perfection," smiled the 2-Footer.

"And what part was that?"

"Well, Adam, it was to fulfill the destiny of man."

"How?" asked the Simon-ish flame.

"Always the curious one, Eve. Have you forgotten how your curiosity got you into this situation?" explained the 2-Footer.

"But it wasn't our fault! It was his," exclaimed Adam pointing a long tendril of flame towards the floating head of Mr. Nasta.

"Hey! Don't blame me! I was just following the Creator's orders. Besides... if you really ant to lay blame, you should find that snake. I heard it was his idea."

"Is that true, Father" asked Adam.

"Yes, my son, it is. Don't worry, he is being punished."
Elsewhere, when a mist that has never existed except for now when it will be gone, a floor groaned at its imagined pain.
"Actually, it was even the Snake's fault. He really had no choice in the matter. None of we do. Each will play his part," laughed the grinning poly-formed 2-Footer

"But why," continued Eve, "did you keep throwing us back so often in the last two centuries?"

"To prepare for teh Judgement Day, of course," said the 2-Footer, as a matter-of-factly.

"By sending us back as a frog or a dog?" shouted Adam.
It should be noted that these balls of flame - since they don't have heads - lack a mouth. It's one of the drawbacks of being a flaming entity. Still, the descriptive acts of communication are being presented for you, the Reader, so that you don't get confused. Actually, no one is talking. It's all being done by telepathy, although no one is really aware of it. However, imagine what it would be like to have an entire chapter written in telepathy. unless you were telepathic, you wouldn't 'hear' what was going on. For that reason, I, have decided to alter the flaming ball's speech patterns. okey-dokey?
"Who was that?' interrupted Eve.

"The Writer, who was in a previous life the Author."


"Wait!" interjected Adam. "Please let's get back to my question. Why did you send us back as animals? How could that help bring about Judgement Day or Armageddon?" He snarled that last sentence.

"Us are all his creatures, my son," smiled the 2-Footer. "She all do his bidding when asked."

"Okay, so why were Eve and I packed into every imaginable year but those between 1976 and 1990."

"Well, we am told to put you in a Turkish prison as teenaged human smugglers of Hashish, but the Writer decided against it."

"Who is the Writer?" asked Adam.

"We is," smiled the 2-Footer. "Don't worry, my children, it was all for the higher good."

"You mean 'your good', don't you?" said a small thermodynamic orb of sun that was probably a bird named Brandon or the arch-angel named Michael who has sometimes been described on the once full of humanity planet Earth as a protector and the leader of the army of God against the forces of evil.

"Nope. Not us. We am not in control. Us am not really God of the Universe, although me do some dusting. Me boss am. Us is just the helper, my son. They am what you might call a laboratory assistant," beamed the 2-Footer in immense pride.
It's me. I guess you've also realized that the fireballs lack eyes. They do... or at least what humans would call eyes. They are able to see and thus able to stare, but it's all done by telepathy.

As for fireballs 'standing', well, that was a mistake. I should have written 'floated quietly in the non-air' - but that is what the Editor was there for. He missed it, and is now being punished.
Somewhere, a floor groaned with a loud creak.
You, the Reader, are also probably wondering how, if there is no air, a flame can exist. remember, the laws of Earth's physics don't have to exist in this particular reality. Anyhow, back to the riveting conversation at the end of the story that wraps everything up."
"Well then, who did create us?" asked the anagramistic fireball Mr. Nasta, after waiting to make sure the Writer was quite finished.

"We don't know. Us am not God. Our don't know everything." Pausing for a few seconds to angle its teeth down towards the balls of Flame, the grinning 2-Footer continued. "Now - whatever that means - it is time for re-creation."

"Don't you mean 'recreation'?" asked Eve timidly.

"Nope. What do you want to be this time?"

"You mean we have a choice?" chirped Brandon/Michael.

"Nope! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" laughed the grinning 2-Footer.

It was times like these when the Flames were quite happy that they didn't have ears. However, it was quite a drag because the grinning 2-Footer was, in this reality and others, laughing very loudly through telepathic means. Everyone 'heard' it and everyone got a headache from it. But, since the Flames did not possess a head, they didn't really get a headache. It was something worse that defies explanation.

"Y'know," began the grinning lab assistant, "The Jehovah's Witness were, strangely enough, correct about one very important fact."

"Oh yeah," asked Adan. "What was that?"

"Oh never mind. It's no longer important for us."

With a sweep of its wings/claws/hands/flippers/paws/tentacles and newly made fins, a thick cloud of mist that was most certainly there - much to the chagrin of its own thoughts of existentialism - covered the grinning 2-Footer, the Flames, the Pool of Existence, and a poor, sick floor and dragged them all into another reality that does not exist in this linear universe.

The end of life is funny like that.

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