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Thursday, July 26, 2012

1978 Godzilla Toy Commercial

No... that is NOT a penis in the image above. I thought it was.

God help me, but this must be the worst toy I have seen in ages... it features Godzilla - King of the freaking monsters... with, are you ready? - a shooting hand!

WTF?! Did the toy makers actually watch a Godzilla movie when coming up with this piece of crap?

And check out the guy in the background at the 20-second mark. Can you say "Hipster pedophile"? Nice try.

From the Shogun Warriors collection? Mattel, right? I believe I actually read (I actually wrote 'red'??!!) three issues of the Shogun Warriors comic book back in 1979 published by Marvel Comics... 35-cents. Thankfully, Godzilla never appeared in these comics. I have three #1s in NM (Near Mint) ... each apparently worth $15 or so. 

Gods, Godzilla? How could you let them sell you like this?

Just for that, you should destroy Japan AND North America - just to make sure.

And... for good measure... here's a second commercial actually featuring Godzilla versus the Shogun Warriors!


Andrew Joseph 

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