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Monday, July 9, 2012

20: Simon And Billy Aren't In This Chapter

This is the end of the first story I ever tried to write. Everything else was 500 words or so of short story after short story. I know... you readers are wondering how a guy who used to write short prose could become such a windbag in his blogs these past couple of years. Practice!
Originally, when I wrote this epilogue, I never intended to write what the Jehovah's Witness were correct about, because it implies favoritism. While I have chatted with the door-knockers a few times for an engaging debate on religion, I do not actually favor one religion over another. I was raised a Catholic, and thus this story does indeed smack of Christian philosophies, but I did try to at least offer a different perspective, albeit the almost forgotten Incan philosophy, of life after death. But, I do believe I tried to not mention any religion by name - except for the JH's. 'Jehovah', by the way, is supposed to be the name of "God" in the Hebrew Bible. Jehovah is the Latin version of 'Yehowah' or 'Yahweh'.
Christian philosophy does not allow for reincarnation. Others do. The whole story is a mix of things I knew back in 1991 when I wrote this, and is not full of religious concepts that I did not know enough about at that time, even though I may now.
There are things known, and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.
- Aldous Huxley.
Jim Morrison of The Doors thought that philosophy summed up his band, and that's how they came up with their rocking band name. 
In case you had no clue, I'm holding the door open for you:
Simon = Eve
Billy = Adam
Brandon = Michael the archangel
Birds = Egyptians and other lower caste angels
Mr & Mrs Nede = Eden... a garden with an apple tree
Mr. Nasta = Satan
Floor = the Snake
The Editor = The Editor
Grinning 2-Footer = God's lab assistant/me, Andrew
The Writer/Author = God/me, Andrew. I created this story and these characters, and the roles they played. I am their god, but not the God.  

I make no apologies. The whole story began with me one day seeing a dead mouse (which I called a rat in the story), a dead frog and a dead bird near my apartment in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan. I wrote a finite short story. It went from there. Holy crap! I'm like Walt fricking Disney!: It all started with a mouse!

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Chapter 2             Chapter 7              Chapter 12           Chapter 17
Chapter 3             Chapter 8              Chapter 13           Chapter 18
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Simon And Billy Aren't In This Chapter
chapter xx: the epilogue

When one world ends, another shall rise to take its place.
Far away on what is left of a planet that no longer has any use for time, the Un-humans have emerged from below the surface of the earth - from within the deep, deep underground that had confines them after the Angels convinced God to get rid of them for being ugly, and a blight on the perfectness of God.

Their incredibly diverse bio-systems have enabled them to easily adapt to any environment thrown at them, including Earth's radioactive surface.

However, living below the Earth's surface, away from the flare of the fiery orb known as the sun, as well as other forms of light, the Unhumans need for sight diminished generation after generation until all were completely blind.

To compensate, their other systems had developed far beyond the ken of mortal men who roamed the world previously. The lack of visual stimuli underground fostered the growth and usage of their pineal gland.

The Hindus of the old world claimed it was the seat of 'occult' powers. And, in truth, it was, though the powers were not 'occult'. It was just the next evolutionary step that humankind was never able to properly propagate.

The vestigial eye.

The Egyptians (angels and birds) called it the 'third-eye'. The Mind's eye.

This more advanced pineal gland allowed the Un-humans to utilize the special powers within them all, but perhaps best of all, it allowed them to look beyond physicality.

Despite being incredibly ugly and deformed by human standards, the Un-humans would have had no concept of the word 'ugly'.

Unfetterred by visual stimulai getting in their way, the Un-humans began to develop other areas of their brin and began to use telepathy, clairvoyance and telekinesis. They used it all to make the Earth into a Paradise.

Just as it was planned.
Somewhere, in a place far from here, though not in anywhere in particular, something wonderful happened.

It was followed by a laugh and the telepathic utterance of, "It worked."     


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