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Monday, July 23, 2012

30 Styles Of Japanese Restaurant

Y'know... every once in a while, someone puts out a blog I was thinking about doing. More often than not, what stops me is my own personal knowledge on a topic.

I should tell you that my desire to learn drives me - I'm no expert, but I do play one on the Internet.
But at least this time, someone has done a decent job  - saving me the effort, but still allowing me (and now YOU) a chance to learn something cool about Japan.

Unlike restaurants in Canada and the U.S., for example where one can go to specific restaurants and get Italian cuisine, Ethiopian cuisine, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, and Japanese - hell... you name it, you could probably find it here in Toronto.

Of course, every country has many sub-cultures of cuisine, and many restaurants cater to these specialties... like Tex-Mex or Chowders or Cuban cuisines in the United States... and to be sure, there certainly are a lot more available.

But in Japan... they tend to take things to another degree. Not just content to offering a seafood restaurant, or a pizza restaurant, or a hamburger restaurant - Japan offers restaurants based on individualistic food ingredients and the further sub-divided into various cooking styles.

Thanks to John Spacey on the Japan-Talk website, he is offering us a 30-course meal on 30 types of Japanese restaurants. See... it's not like the west where you can get tempura and sushi and noodles all in one place - in Japan...  it's more often than not, a specialty restaurant.  

Click HERE for a visual menu of food styles with a hint of description that will make you wonder just what the heck Japanese cuisine really is.

Special thanks, as always, to Matthew for thinking of us here at Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife. His daughter Michelle recently graduated high school. Damn... I remember when she was born... and I remember going out to Matthew and Takako's wedding party. Cheers!

Andrew Joseph

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