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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Andrew's Tale

Now it's my turn to share with Akiko. She's all bunny ears.
Simply put... I have been dating Noboko for about a month after wooing her for a few weeks. I only caught a break after HER students kept hammering at her that I was a really nice guy and that she and I would make a great couple. To those students at Nozaki Chu Gakko (Nozaki Junior High School) - you are good people and I hope you grew up the same way.
It's May 24, 1993, and I am talking with Akiko, an English teacher at one of my seven junior high schools here in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan.
Anyhow... then (in 1993) just as in 2012 - it's all about my ego. I don't believe I am God's gift to women, or anything stupid like that... but if I'm with a woman, I want t o be number one in her mind and heart, and sorry to say, that includes God and whatever version of God you want to believe in.  
Here's the gist of it. Because this is MY story, I don't recall the exact words like I did when Akiko told me her story HERE, but the following is a fair representation of our 'conversation'.
'Conversation' is in quotes because when I get ramped up, I talk a lot. No kidding eh? Does it come across in my writing, too?
I really do like Noboko - a lot. When I first saw her, I composed a poem - a Japanese haiku  - and walked over to her desk and gave it to her. I was smitten by that kitten. Unfortunately, she thought - based on my looks - that I was a slick hustler looking to bag as many women as possible. She knew me so well.
Still... with Noboko... I felt something grow - and not just between my legs. It was my heart. I'm unsure why having an enlarged heart is considered good in  love, but my heart was huge. 
I feel like a substitute. It really does piss me off. I'm not second best to anybody and I don't ever want to be considered like that.
I just don't understand Noboko. How can she say such glowing things about me, that I can do anything I want because "You are great!" and then treat me so casually when she finds out she may have to acquiesce to an arranged marriage?
Arranged marriage? Really?
I'm the guy with the Indian background? Noboko is Japanese? Do they really have arranged marriages?
Maybe... It's because she's an old maid at the age of 28-years of age. I know... I can't believe I wrote that either... but in Japan, at this time, it's true.
What kills me is that Noboko in an effort to avoid the arranged marriage told me that a few days ago she actually phoned up her old boyfriend.
Said old boyfriend had asked her to marry him last year, but she rejected him then, and then broke up with him because she could not see herself married to him.
Now... she had just called him up to try and shame him into accepting her now by using the old pity ploy... like if you don't marry me, I'll have to marry some stranger in an arranged marriage!
To her old boyfriend, it's like: "Save me O Knight! I am a lovely maiden in danger of being wed to an evil dragon to save the face of the village (her parents)."
So... for me... what hurt more than hurt itself is that she never even considered me to get her out of this arranged marriage.
Number one, her parents don't even know she is dating and screwing the hell out of me on an a daily basis. Maybe I'm doing a lot of screwing the hell out of her on a daily basis, but you know what I mean.
I know we've only been a couple for a few weeks, but does that mean she has so little faith in me that she wouldn't even consider me as an out from that arranged marriage? Before this, I would have married her in an enlarged heartbeat!
But here's what really gets me... she actually had the gall to call me up - crying AFTER her ex-boyfriend spurned her call for help.
"What should I do? she wails.
Holy crap. Really? I know there's a language barrier, but with Noboko, she spoke better English than I did. She was smart, strong (hard-headed is what I mean), charming, witty, sexy, drop-dead gorgeous and like very much what I did to her.
Anyhow... as I tell my story to Akiko, I'm getting angrier and angrier - and I'm sure no one here has ever seem me like this.
Akiko places a hand on my hand, and immediately I shut the hell up. Akiko is really cute - but is still not in the same league as Noboko.
She tells me I should phone up Noboko and talk to her.
Hey - didn't I give Akiko that same advice? Oh well... what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
I tell Akiko through gritted teeth that I'll talk to Noboko, but I sure as hell won't call her. I don't even know if I should broach the subject with her, as I know she'll cry.
Yes... I am pissed off at Noboko, and she doesn't have a clue that I am. I feel like such a woman. I know, that's sexist. But is it sexist if it's true, I ask you? Every heterosexual guy knows exactly what I mean.
So... should Noboko call me, should I even tell her I'm angry because I don't want her to cry - but really, I'll go crazy if I don't find out why she didn't come to me FIRST and at least tell me what was going on.

That's all for now.
In the next blog.... the conclusion to Andrew's tale AND Akiko's tale. Should they both say screw the current boyfriend Frank and girlfriend Noboko and just screw each other's brains out like Andrew is considering? But no... that would be meaningless sex. Could I dare do that (this week)?
Andrew Joseph
PS: In the photo above of Noboko and myself, I am wearing the same watch I have on today and - oh! What's that on her right hand? The hand that in Asian countries denotes a wedding or engagement ring? I did okay back then. 

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