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Monday, July 9, 2012

Glitch Halts Distribution Of New Resident's Card

Japan's new Resident's Card - the replacement to the Alien Registration card - officially hit the country and all was working well from 8:30 in the morning when the Tokyo Regional Immigration branches opened on July 9, 2012.

And then... the computer systems developed a technical glitch, prompting the government to halt distribution of the cards to newly arriving foreigners.

Perhaps it's because the country has reached it's limits of foreign incursion?

So... from 8:30AM this morning, the Narita International Airport branch had already served 14 gaijin with the new cards when tragedy struck - not sure how long after.

Okay, maybe not a tragedy, but still, sh!t happened. Apparently the computer systems at Narita were suddenly unable to exchange data with the main server.

Perhaps it was a problem with computer language. Language has always been a stumbling point between japan and foreigners.

News broadcaster NHK said at around 3:30PM that all 14 of the immigration facilities in the Kanto - Kōshin'etsu region had problems. When the system worked at all, it took nearly two hours to process each person.

It almost seems like it would be easier to process each person by hand and then (if necessary, add it to the computer data base when up and running) and then mail/courier the Resident's Card to the individual rather than frustrate everyone involved.

That's just a thought...

Files compiled by Andrew Joseph
By the way, Kōshin'etsu includes Yamanashi-ken, Nagano-ken and Niigata-ken.
Kanto includes Gunma-ken, Ibaraki-ken, Saitama-ken, Tokyo-ken, Chiba-ken, Kanagawa-ken and my old province of Tochigi-ken.

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