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Friday, July 27, 2012

Japanese Men Pull Soccer Shocker On Spain

Holy crap.

The Japanese men's soccer team actually defeated the powerhouse Spanish side in Olympic action yesterday, winning 1-0, as Otsu Yuki (surname first) tapped in the ball in the 34th minute of the match.  

You can read the full Associated Press article HERE.

But... I just love the quote from the Japanese coach at the end of the article:

Says coach Sekizuka Takashi: "We looked forward to this match very much, and showing how much we have was the main point. We are very pleased with the result."

He certainly sounds excited. Perhaps he later celebrated by calmly choking a hooker?

Andrew Joseph


  1. Oh Lordy! The Japanese soccer fans are out tonight partying!!! That's the best part!

    1. Ha! Tomorrow - or in 8 hours time... the women play Sweden. I'm going to watch that one for the titillation... er... of the sport!