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Friday, July 13, 2012

Japanese Panda Cub Dies

I was wrong, but I was right.

I derive no satisfaction from this, but a week-old baby panda died of pneumonia on Thursday, July 12, 2012 at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo. I had expected the mother to actually kill the cub - See HERE for why. 

Ueno zoo officials note that the panda cub died of pneumonia resulting from respiratory failure after he aspirated his mother's breast milk - and an autopsy has confirmed that.

Regardless... it still sucks. I love animals.

Here's a Japanese report on it:

People came to the zoo to express their grief and condolences (to whom?) and to pray for the panda placing flowers in and around the panda enclosure.

The flowers are pretty, but pandas are notoriously stupid and would starve to death rather than eat anything other than bamboo shoots or leaves. Bring bamboo. At least the mother panda - who actually seems to be sad (and perhaps smarter than I thought) could eat your memorial.

Despite my flippant attitude, it really does suck that the poor little guy died.  

Files compiled by Andrew Joseph 

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