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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Japanese Women And Foreign Men

It's true that many Japanese men hate foreign men because we have the eye of the Japanese woman.

There are many reasons for Japanese women wanting to be with the foreign man - at least initially.

There is the perception that the foreigner male is less chauvinistic than his Japanese male counterpart. That is subjective. I know plenty of men who have a snout and piggy ears who are not Japanese. But... if I were to at least examine the way things were 20 years ago in Japan - holy crap, man! Japan was maybe 30 or 40 years behind the times. Maybe more.

Best example: Junior high school. Female teachers are sitting in the teacher's lounge after school working, grading tests, et al. The men are discussing sumo results from the past event. I walk in, bow to everyone and join the men in the sumo chat. Someone notices I do not have a o-cha (green tea) in my hand, and bellows for a female teacher to get one for me and for all of the other male teachers. Us men are two feet away from the tea trays, but the women get up en masse and make us all o-cha. Never have I been more embarrassed to be a man, and perhaps the second time I have been proud to be a non-Japanese man. The first was when I tried to squeeze into a Japanese condom and had it fly off and nearly hit my Japanese woman date du jour in the forehead. 

That might be another reason why Japanese women want a foreign man as a boyfriend... and why MAYBE Japanese men hate foreign men. Penis envy. No idea. I never actually asked about that, because those that hated foreigner men weren't the type I wanted to talk to.

I should actually state that I NEVER actually came up to any Japanese people who expressed a dislike for foreign men, and I only state this because I have read a few other blogs were some Japanese men have a hard-on against foreign men. I said 'against' not 'for' - though that exists too.

Another reason - and I'm only going on what the married female friends of mine confided to me... many Japanese women want more out of life than what a Japanese man can provide them... they do not want to marry a man who is more committed to his company work than the spousal company he keeps.

As such... in my next blog, I would like to present a conversation I had with my female, Japanese English teacher friend Akiko. It involves me, the foreign guy and his Japanese girlfriend, and a Japanese woman and her foreign boyfriend. 

No... Akiko and I are just friends... although if she wanted to...

Until next time
Andrew Joseph
PS: In the photo above that I have used at least twice previously in the  past three years, is one I took showing a Western condom and a Japanese condom (right) that I blew up as balloons merely for the photo op. Despite being of Indian descent  - who according to THIS BLOG - and am supposed to be small, all I can say is that I am proud to be an above-average Canadian.  

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