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Thursday, July 19, 2012

LEGO: Brick Fete 2 In Toronto

On Sunday, July 15, 2012 about a seven-minute drive from my house in Toronto, there was the 2nd annual 2-day LEGO Brick Fete tradeshow at the Hilton Hotel near the Toronto International Airport. 

I attended the second day of the show with my son Hudson, as we (just like my buddy Mike Rogers and his son) are LEGO fans.

There were literally hundreds of LEGO models created from the imagination of some very talented people, and Hudson and I had a great time - despite having a 15-minute wait to get inside the building - forced to endure 36C heat (with the humidity, it was 39C - still less than yesterdays 45C).

To the organizer's credit, they came by with a free bottle of water (one per family) to help us cope - that was very nice of them, and completely unexpected. Cheers!

While I did take a lot of photos of models I did not see at last year's event, I'm only going to present one model (multiple pics) here, because of its Japanese theme.

I will post them all up on a site later, should you be curious and need to be inspired.

back view

Pretty cool stuff, eh? I have my work cut out if I am to become skilled enough, or rather rich enough to be able to afford the LEGO bricks I need to build what I see in my head. It's scary good, but it's years away from reality.

Andrew Joseph


  1. LEGO Fan Expo

    Ontario Brick Builders presents... Brickfête 2013
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    What will I see???

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    •Historical Buildings and Castles
    •Pirates, Steampunk and Vikings
    •Mosaics & Sculptures and so much more...
    All made with millions of LEGO bricks
    ... by hobbyists from across Canada and the USA.

    1. Now that's an Ad!
      I'll post something for you on-line shortly...