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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Matthew And Andrew Climb A Mountain In Winter

Here's a great shot for those of you who believe that Japan is a country that is always hot.

I'm sure it is right now, but back in January in Tochigi-ken, we sometimes get this type of snow.

The lucky guy plowing through the snow in the photo is Matthew J. Hall.

Why we are climbing Mt. Nasu in the winter is beyond me, as it is obviously the blood in our brains froze. It was cold, snowy (d'uh) and windy! It's about 10 kilometers north of my apartment, and always made a fine backdrop when I got home and looked out the north balcony of my apartment. The west balcony... I'll show you next time.

What was difficult about taking this photo, was that Matthew was hopping about like a Mountain Goat on steroids, and I had to take my gloves off to snap the shutter... no wait, I didn't have gloves... and I stupidly tried to make and throw snowballs at a New York mountain goat... I only got the feeling back into my fingers three years ago, which is why I didn't start this blog earlier.

Actually... Matthew doesn't have any gloves, either... or boots. What the hell were we doing?

I'm Canadian and should be used to this sort of weather as apparently many people think we Canadians all live in igloos, have just got electricity and sometimes drive our snow dogs to work. Some people are like that in Canada, but they are in cities and places you've never heard of before, and they have my respect.

Anyhow... I just thought that if some of you are having weather like I've been experiencing these past few weeks (mid to high 30sC and humidity to take it into the 40s), this photo would either help cool you down or make you envious.

Andrew 'be chillin' Joseph  


  1. Trying to remember this particular climb... WTH were we doing on Nasu in the snow?!?

    1. Maybe our barber shop friend took us on a trek? I have no idea!?! why we were up there... Even back in the 90s, I'll bet I had NO idea why we were climbing up the mountain in winter!