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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ohtawara Students Love An-do-ryu sensei!

Just to prove that I was actually there in Japan - I know there are some people who think I was in prison for three years - here's an actual local newspaper from Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan, where I did my time... uh, spent my time teaching junior high school English on the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme.

Honestly... I've been a tad busy at work and at home and haven't been able to do a proper blog in a while. Soon. I really must start finish my blog on something of interest for you all.

Meanwhile... don't I look cute in that photo? And skinny? Hell, the kids are all enthralled, following my every movement, hanging on my every word. No one is giving me the stink-eye or flipping me the bird!

I was new, and this was my first time to meet some of these kids who are now (2012) in their early 30s with kids of their own. Augh.

At least my hair is longer now than it was then.

Andrew Joseph


1 comment:

  1. You were NOT there... that pic just proves your amazing Adobe Photoshop talents! :-P