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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Toyota Reaches 200 Million Cars After 77 Years

That headline pretty much sums up the story.

As far as Japanese cars go, my family has owned a Nissan Stanza, Mazda 323, two Toyota Camry wagons, and a Mazda Tribute (my current vehicle). I did ride a Suzuki bike for a week in Japan before my office told me not to, as it was obvious I was going to kill myself! And no Honda! WTF?! Soon, perhaps.

Anyhow, read this article in Motor Trend magazine courtesy of a heads up from Matthew who must spend an awful lot of time finding stories for me!

This reminds me of a joke I saw in a movie maybe 30 years ago!: They Call Me Bruce?: "I was once run over by a Toyota. Oh what a feeling."

"Oh what a feeling" was a Toyota motto back in the late 70s early 80s.

Story is here: VROOM

Man, I have a good memory for useless information!

Here's a real Toyota commercial:

And... for kicks, here's a supposedly BANNED Toyota commercial that I once saw on TV somewhere:

Andrew Joseph

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