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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weirdness In Blogging

Hello. A brief look into blogging is what I figured this should be... though I never do anything brief except launder my underwear.

Back in June, thanks to some bad influence from my great friend Mike Rogers of Marketing Japan fame, I switched the look of my blog to a new template. This template actually gave me a double click rate on each blog entry - and so , gave me a false sense of security - IE, and ego blow.

Then Mike and I both realized that while he would love to have me join his legitimate 1-million hit club, to do it that way would be cheating. He and I both reverted to a normal blogger template.

In the meantime, my usual 25,000 monthly hits had jumped to 40,000 and  then 51,000 hits, as I started in the middle of June, and then ended in the middle of July. While both are fantastic hit rates, they are indeed a lie.

Right now, if you look at the hit rate down below the Top 10 Popular Posts (per weekly hits), I'm at a normal 33,000 average for August. I'll take that, because it's still 8,000 more than what I was getting three months ago. So... thank-you.

Regular readers will have noticed that over the past 5 weeks or so, my output has dropped from 2x or 3x a day down to maybe an average of 1.5 blog entries a day.

It's not BLOG burnout, but rather me being busy at work and then coming home and not being allowed the time to do more than a token blog entry.

Crap! I thought the dog just died.... he was panting in this crazy broken A/C place where it's still 82F, and then a long breath and then nothing. But no... he's still going. Damn. That's all I need, what with the broken A/C and hole in the roof.  

Anyhow... it's always something. Having said that, I will endeavor to get back on track. Part of the problem is that along with THIS blog, I create another blog (You Know What I Hate) (though that one is only getting one or three entries a month)... but there's another secret blog I do (How To Survive Women - there's goes that secret) that I post an entry to every three or four days. I just had my best day ever with that at 700 hits - consider that Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife gets about 1,110 daily... so I'm doing okay as a writer.

During the day, I write magazine articles, and create articles for my magazine's website... so I'm doing a lot of writing.

Part of the issue with this Japan blog is that, unlike some of my good friends, I do not write very much material that could be considered controversial. That's my journalism background kicking in that says I should always be impartial and just report the story.

So, that's what I do. But when I start a story - let's say a re-write of some news tidbit I find... I always discover that the news item lacks the detail I want... like it's a half-story... and I hate that. That's why I examine three or four sources, combine and compile the data and create one frickin' BIG article that hopefully gives you a complete picture. That takes time. I also have a wife and kid, like to watch TV, am reading five books at once and am constantly re-building broken LEGO toys while creating my own Japanese-based LEGO dioramas. There's other stuff I do, but that's for me to know.

It's why it's 1:15AM and I'm writing, and have to be up in less than 6 hours... I do this to myself every day... just to make sure you guys have something interesting to read (though maybe not this entry).

While I have a few loyal readers like Mike, Jimbo, Caroline (maybe), and Rob... the majority of my readers seem to glom on for an article after doing a search for an item on GOOGLE. So... thank-you GOOGLE for liking me enough to be a popular place where people can find what they are looking for.

But, with great popularity comes great SPAM. Everyday now for about a week, I have been getting about four or five "Comments" to the Lesbian & Gay blog written by guest writer Imogen Reed. While it's a fine article posted on May 18, 2012... there is no reason for it to be in my weekly TOP 10. A spammer has found it and constantly sends different messages to my blog, praising my writing, and suggesting I visit their blog or website, with a live link embedded in the message.

Fortunately, the blog has a SPAM filter that will not allow it to be published. Good on! Yay! But... despite the polite spam heaping kudos on my writing - actually Imogen's writing - I'm getting false hit counts, as it has garnered nearly 500 hits... strange enough, but after it was published, Google +1'd and Tweeted, it still only had 50 hits. So assuming some hits are legitimate, that means I've had 400 SPAM hits in the past month.

I wonder how long it will last, and how long they will continue to send me comments with SPAM embedded? I also wonder if I can block it, but every comment has an embedded link claiming it's for a different website... Blogger, however, says that I should not open... so I can't tell if it's coming from the same person, computer or hacker.

Is there a way to block it?

Anyhow... I still have long stories on the old Alien Registration card and one on a way Japan can use an alternate form of energy to nuclear for electrical generation. Patience. Each one will be like reading a long article... and I do so love doing those.

Even if the hits aren't there, I know that for that one person looking for that information that week, at least they will have all the information they will ever need.

Thanks for your continued patronage, and I hope I passed the audition. It's almost time to kick this up a notch to get me to that 1-million hit mark... It will take me three more years at my current rate, but I aim to shorten that.

Does anyone know how?

Andrew Joseph


  1. Americans really love stupid stuff. Maybe the Japanese do too? Write about really stupid stuff. Also create stupid videos of 5 mins or less. People have short attn. span. Just look at the most popular videos of YouTube. You'll understand. Some suggestions:

    "I interview the men who are married to JAV stars."

    "I interview poor Yakuza who are holding meetings at McDonalds."

    "My Japanese Wife is Asexual. Help!"

    "I married a sexist, gaijin pig. Help!"

    "1,001 Ways to Stop Idiots from Leaving Stupid Suggestions on Your Awesome Blog."

    "My Husband Spends too much time writing blog posts. Help!"

    "My Husband Spends too much time writing blog posts. Thank you, blogspot! Now I can finally get some sleep."

    "I met my wife at Roppongi. Help!" (Inspired by Tokyo Cooney.)

    "I like getting arrested because Japanese jail cells are roomier than my Tokyo apartment."

    "The Japanese Housewife's Guide to Molesting Younger Men on The Train."

    "Interviews with men molested by women on the train... and liked it."

    "Godzilla Ate My Homework: How to avoid work the Japanese Way"

    "I thought the Chinese would eat anything!" and other stupid stuff Japanese TV announcers have said on the NHK. (True story! The tv announcer said it on "Cool Japan" sushi episode.)


    1. Very funny! I think some of these are true, though! Damn it...
      it looks like some fun going through this... Cheers!