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Monday, July 23, 2012

Workers At Nuclear Reactor Got Higher Radiation Doses Than Reported

While I sit here and bake in my house thanks to the air-conditioner giving up the ghost a few hours ago... and discovering that I have a hole in the freaking roof, Andrew is not a happy camper - mostly because I don't believe in roughing it.
Mankind spent thousands of years living in caves and other crappy housing and nowadays we have sooooo much convenience, that I'm afraid I don't wish to go back to the Dark Ages.
But still... I've got it better than the workers who tried to save the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactor from exploding - and succeeded - back in April and May of 2011.
But at what cost?
According to a new report, workers were told to down-play the amount of radiation dosage they were absorbing, so as to not panic the populace.
Thanks to a heads up from Matthew, you can read about that HERE.
Sweating in my own nuclear furnace (under the sun),
Andrew Joseph 

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