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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Akiko Concludes And Helps Conclude Andrew's Tale Again

It's finally May 25, 1993... and I'm back at school. It's 7:45 in the AM, and Akiko comes up as bubbly as ever and asks me how I am.
I'm tired and had another restless night - bad dreams of something I can't recall... but I get the feeling SHE - as in my girlfriend (?) Noboko wasn't in my dreams. Or perhaps she was... She is gorgeous....
I ask Akiko about herself.
"Fine. Uhmmm... I mean great!"
"No problems?" I inquire.
"No. Everything is all right."
"Did you call him?" I ask with a bit of distaste on his name.
"No. He called me from his work."
(Oh... so he has a real job? No bank robber is ever going to call up a woman in another country to chat while he's knee deep in a vault.)
She continues: "He apologized for not calling earlier. He says he didn't get the message until the morning because his granny was asleep. Then, he didn't have time in the morning, so he waited until the evening."
"Oh," I say. "See... I told you there was nothing to worry about."

"How about you?" she dares to ask me.
Nertz, I think to myself... I had long ago made myself a promise that if anyone was to ever ask me a question here in Japan that I would always tell the truth. So I tell Akiko about last night's conversation with Noboko - in part.
She asks me if we talked for a long time.
When I say five or 10 minutes, she looks surprised. "Did you hang up on her?"
"No. I'm not sure. Maybe. Yes."
Akiko seems to know me better than I know myself. Or maybe she knows I'm angry and that a short telephone call when there are affairs of the heart involved can only mean someone—the hot-head boyfriend—hangs up on the confused girlfriend. She's right.

I am still new to the whole dating thing despite being nearly 28-years-old, and definitely new to the dating of Japanese women... but I certainly have crammed a lot of both into the past two-and-a-half-years. Combine in the fact that along with being introspective and talking almost exclusively to objective women about my women problems, I feel as though I have a better-than-average handle on things. Trust me... if I talk to a guy, I would just get: "Screw her brains out and have a beer" or "Dump her, find someone else and screw her brains out and have a beer."    
Not all men are like that, but I also know that most men preferred to talk to ME about their problems, so why would I dump MY problems onto them? Remember... I usually have a smile on my face and thus appear to not have too many problems.
Folks like Matthew knew the real extent because the two of us would talk (alcohol - conversation lubrication)... but I think that when it comes to women... getting information from other women is paramount. Know thy enemy.

Anyhow... Akiko tells me not to worry.
I stubbornly tell her I'm not.
"Will you call her?"
"Probably not... it's not, after all, my problem."
(What should I do? ... I chased and chased after Ashley after every single one of her screw ups and feel as though I looked weak. Can't a guy look resolute in his stubbornness?)
Akiko nods her head... either in mock acceptance or in awe at my stubbornness.
When it comes to affairs of the heart... I'm always unsure if women hear when the listen. Conversely, I am unsure if I ever say anything when I speak.

In conclusion... I did not have to maintain my stubbornness for very long. By 6PM that night, Noboko was knocking on my apartment door. That's pretty early for a Japanese teacher to have already left school... but she looked so sad when I opened the door that I'm sure everyone at school realized there was something sad inside her.
Noboko apologized immediately for not coming to me first to tell me what was going on. It's funny. I'm unsure if it was the day's delay from hearing her apology over the telephone, or talking to Akiko which made me realize that I should give the apologizing woman a break, or the fact that Noboko has buried herself in my chest and is crying loudly about how much she loves me.
I can be a hard man, folks. I have said that God forgives, but I don't.... but despite my fawning over Ashley... Noboko made me feel completely... I don't know... gooey inside. If she were here right now, I would share my chocolate PEZ with her. And even now, that is not an euphemism.    
We made up and lived happily ever after.
Andrew Joseph
I wish that last line was true...

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