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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Andrew's Tale - Conclusion

It's 10:50 PM on May 24, 1993 and Noboko calls me.

She says "hello" and immediately adds "I'm sorry."

Now I know I'm being a prick here, but I really want to hear why she thinks she should be sorry.

I ask her "For what?"

I know an apology is needed, but I really do need to know if she is apologizing for the right reason. It's possible she knows I'm upset, but doesn't know why. Of course, I know Noboko is upset too... having found out her parents are trying to arrange a marriage for her because she is so old at the age of 28... and she is also upset because she was rejected by her old boyfriend a couple of days ago, when she suggested they should get back together again.

Of course, she broke up with him last year after he asked her to marry him.

Of course, of course, she's been dating me for the past couple of weeks. Why is she asking her ex-boyfriend to marry her when she's screwing me? And why is she telling me all of this - especially after HE rejected her? 

She could have just left out that whole ex-boyfriend part and mentioned her parents are trying to arrange a marriage for her... and that she is wary of things because I am a foreigner and may have no interest in spending the rest of my life here in Japan.  

Of course, of course, of course... I would do anything for the right person... and Noboko sure as hell felt like that... before this snafu, of course.

 Noboko, in one of those rare moments of being Japanese in front of me says "Eh?" like what the hell did you mean... like why am I apologizing... or shouldn't I be apologizing or for what reason am I apologizing?

I sense all of this in her "Eh?"  

"Why?" I ask. "Why are you apologizing?"

She knows exactly what I mean, because she is brilliant in English (French and Greek - but not the languages).

She struggles for a few seconds and says "... ah... no reason. Just sorry. I shouldn't have called you last night."


I tell her: "Yeah, you shouldn't have," and proceed to tell her exactly why.

What's worse, is that I am in complete calm control of my emotions. I can do that sometimes.

"It upset me that you called your ex-boyfriend BEFORE you called me. Were you trying to shame him into marrying you?"


You can pretty much picture the incredulous look on my face.

She apologizes again... and this time tells me she is sorry about everything and that she should have talked to me first.

Whoa... didn't expect that so easily. She's being so completely honest with me.

If she's playing me, she's playing someone who knows the rules (not really). But... I am a good judge of character... it's why her behavior completely baffled me.

I am still ticked off, however.

Noboko has apologized, but the fact remains she treated me like I was second best... I was the second option for her. What person wants to feel like the consolation prize?

That is why I am upset.

Noboko says she will see me later and hangs up. She's already gone when I slam the telephone down. But is she gone? I know Noboko always likes to be the last one off the phone. My phone slamming doesn't strike me as being overly melodramatic until about 10 seconds later.


At least she knows I'm still angry.
Andrew Joseph

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  1. NO FAIR! New rules in place as of today: All posts concerning hot women that you are dating must come complete with photo of that hot babe (or similar)...I knew a girl named Nobuko once too... She was kind of crazy.