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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dry Humor

Do you know that old saying? "One door closes and another opens up."

Apparently the same is true of holes in a roof... as the four holes in the back of the house were patched up last Monday - and have provide for a drip-free four days. But... on the Saturday, a hole appears on the horizon of my life - this time in the front of the house - leaking down just past the front door... did it leak down through the bathroom above? Or through my son's room? I can't tell as both appear dry.

Still, we have it better than my wife's mother's cousins... husband and wife in their late-90s who passed away on Friday... after a small fire started in the kitchen - and was put out before the fire department arrived... and yet, they both died of asphyxiation. No one is sure why, because the house wasn't filled with smoke. Autopsies to come, and the house remains an investigation scene.     

What's this got to do with Japan? Nothing. I'm down because everything the last little while here in Toronto has been a big pile of dog crap. Did I mention that my cat crapped on a box of comic books today? She did. 

It's just another reminder of why I am looking fondly back at my days in Japan and my battles with overly large spiders on my northern balcony. I have no idea why the lived in the northern balcony - or how they got up to the third floor of my apartment building... and why did they not also live on the western balcony? I'm not complaining, by the way... that was where I hung out and did my reading.

Because the spiders would only come out at dusk, dropping from the ceiling of my apartment balcony above, I would have to ensure I brought my laundry in early... not always possible in the winter time when I would get home at dusk or later.

As such, I purchased a clothes hanger that resembled a spider, with arms all over the place. I kept it in the room leading out to the western balcony (I had three bedrooms) and kept my clothes dry and spider-free.

When I left Japan, I left it there for the next person to use (Rona MacKenzie or McKenzie) who came over from St. Andrew's in Scotland.

For packing reasons, I brought the box it came in back with me to Canada.

This evening, I took a photo of it (see up above). It still had the price tag on it, and a strip indicating where I bought it from - Kanseki - in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken. 

The price: a mere ¥4,300 (Cdn/US $54.50). Holy crap! That's a lot of money for a clothes hanger!

And that's why you should NOT calculate the cost of things in Japan to your native currency!

Anyhow... my indoor spider dryer... well, that's a photo of it (from my box). It's not a picture of me, as I don't have a dress that long. Or at all. And my clothes dryer was blue... you know... for boys. Apparently that made it more masculine.

Stay dry,
Andrew Joseph
As for the adage up above...It was meant to be a joke... but when I began writing this particular blog I had no idea what I was going to write about... and yet, here I am at the end of it.

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