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Friday, August 10, 2012

Etiquette For Using Japanese Chopsticks

Here's a cool post from the folks over at Japan-Talk, a blog similar to this one but utilizing a number of different writers. Here... it's just me, excluding three article submitted by professional writer Imogen Reed.

Having said that... if you have something to offer - don't be shy... send it to me, and I'll edit the heck out of it and use with your name on it! In return, you not only get a voice, but fame, fortune and glory. How you get those things is of course up to you, but if you do get it, please tell me how.

Anyhow... Matthew has sen me a link to a cool article on Japanese chopstick etiquette. I admit to knowing all but the last one, but since I usually only ate miso soup with a bunch of ravenous teenagers at the schools I taught at, no one gave me any grief. And, to be honest... regarding #10... that's really only going to be an issue if you are at a fancy restaurant (and as a gaijin - everyone will be eyeing you there) or at a formal dinner party (you don't want to upset the host).

Still... these are all very good bits of advice and should be taken and utilized.

The story can be found here: OHASHI.   

Andrew Joseph


  1. Japanese chopsticks are usually shorter than other chopsticks and taper to a fine point. They are traditionally made of bamboo or wood and are often lacquered. Japanese chopsticks also come in kid sizes and woman sizes which are even shorter than standard sizes. Bento sized chopsticks, which fit inside of bento boxes, can also be quite short and sometimes made of colorful plastic.

    1. Tess - thank-you! Good additional commentary - and stuff I should have added if I had half a brain. Thanks for having 1-1/2.