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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello Kitty Mega Blocks

I admit it. I like Hello Kitty. It's not something I am going to go out of my way to actually search for new collectibles, but every once in a while I will purchase something that seems so out of character for myself that it amuses me.

I'm a big, nasty son of a bitch who looks like a man who likes women - a lot. And I do. I also have that kid's side: goofy, lovable, troublemaker who like cartoons and peanut M&M's. I am also have that feminine side that has me constantly squeezing my own breasts, but really, I also have a soft spot for a few girlie things.

Well... one girlie thing, actually. Yes.. Hello Kitty... but being a tough guy, no one gives me any grief over it knowing that my acerbic wit will cut them down no contest. It would be like a battle of wits against an unarmed opponent. That and the fact I have no problem getting in an old-fashioned dust-up, gladly taking two to get one in.

Or that's all bullcrap. I have a Hello Kitty ruler. A Hello Kitty Pez dispenser that doubles as a key chain for my SAAB (may it rust it pieces) and now Hello Kitty Mega Blocks.

Manufactured by Mega Brands Inc. of Montreal, Canada, this small seven-piece Mega Blocks building set is the exact same shape and size as LEGO - but these guys have some cool licenses, like Hello Kitty, World of Warcraft, Halo, Smurfs and the Power Rangers.

Although the reverse of the package shows a total of four different Hello Kitty vistas: Birthday, Beach (Sailor), Bakery, Rainy Day, I  did see a fifth one: Music, where she had a trumpet in her hand. How a cat with no mouth can buzz into a trumpet, I'll never know, but I suppose she's magic.

I did do some further research and noticed there is also: Math, Gymnastics, Cheerleader, Graduation, and more... larger sets, like her house, the library, etc.  

I obviously purchased Birthday on the recommendation of my son, as the balloon was something we figured we could further use in our LEGO creations. In the photo at the very top, I also added the birthday package made of LEGO, because it's a birthday party, and while it's good to have balloons and cake, you really should have presents!

Fun stuff for $4.99 even though only the over-sized head is the only thing that really moves on the Hello Kitty minifigure.

Andrew 'don't judge me' Joseph  

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