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Monday, August 13, 2012

Helpful Japanese

It was always my belief - especially while I Japan, that if you failed to learn one new thing or experience something new that day, it was a failure. 

Think about it - you have come from some other land to have a an adventure - and really, how else to describe why you are in Japan - and you don't learn anything new? That's a waste. That would be you wasting a moment in a beautiful country where your time there is fleeting. Trust me... looking back at things 20 years ago - despite me learning as much as I could, keeping record of my adventures... it all passed by so damn quickly. And you really do miss it. Just because you knew there was something new out there waiting for you to find it.  

As such, I have no idea why I have this bit of information... but on May 18, 1992, this was the new thing I learned.

It's a Japanese phrase that I am sure I did NOT learn at a bar (It was a Monday), so I probably picked it up from one of my students who was commenting on one of the teachers.

Are you ready? It's a phrase you simply can not live without!

"O-shiriga omoii."

The basic translation is: "Your butt's heavy."

That's what I was told, at any rate.

Perhaps a better phrase to know is: "Anata wo shibo shiri."

"You fat ass!"

Aside from two women, the rest of the women I "dated" in Japan did NOT have a heavy ass. Still, you never know when it will come in handy to know such phrases.

Andrew Joseph 

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